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Versatile Blogger Award

Littlepoppits nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  In her words, “THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD* shines the spotlight on bloggers who are adept at creating and handling change – whether it’s their life or the lives of others.”versatile blogger award, versatile blogger, blog awards, blogger awards, awards, blogs

What do I have to do for this award?  Well, it seems to be much less complicated than the Liebster Award: 1) Nominate 3 other bloggers, 2) state seven facts about yourself.  So, here goes:

Seven Facts:

1) I hate clothes shopping.  And shoe shopping.  I like grocery shopping, though.

2) A few years ago, I found a list of ambitions that I had written when I was twelve.  Five of them I had actually fulfilled, and many others were things that I no longer cared about (like being a professional sewing teacher).

3) I am very good at procrastinating.  This is a very un-helpful trait if you have to make your own schedule and stick to it (which I do, because I work from home).

4) Yitzchak and I look so similar that people often think we are brother and sister.  Um, NOT!  We are both on the tallish side and skinny, and that is where the similarity in looks ends.

5) Yitzchak is three and a half years older than me.

6) Somehow, we always seem to have piles of dishes in the sink.  And I hate washing them.

7) My left pinky fingernail splits down the middle if it gets to be longer than 2 or 3 mm.

Three nominees (why is this always the hardest part?):

1) Altie

2) On the Fence

3) Rachelli

Liebster Blog Award

liebster blog award, liebster award, liebster blog, blog awardsA few days ago, I got an email from Rivki of Life in the Married Lane, nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award.  The Liebster Blog Award is given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  The rules are:

1. Tell 11 things about yourself.

2. Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers, and post 11 questions for them to answer.

4. Contact those bloggers whom you nominated, to inform them of their nomination.

Here goes . . .

A. Answers to Rivki’s Questions:

1) Either poopy diapers (because they stink too much) or dishes /kitchen cleaning (because I used to have eczema, still have sensitive skin, and am a bit lazy about it).

2) Probably the mitzva (commandment) of living in, and protecting, the land of Israel.  Or, the mitzva to handle other peoples’ money the same way you handle your own; not stealing or cheating (including the government and other taxpayers).

3) I would pick my name, because I happen to love it!  As a matter of fact, I would love to give my name to a daughter – except that in Jewish tradition children are not usually named after their parents.

4) I’m not sure I have one.  If I had to choose, it would have to be either finishing my degree, nursing for 14 months (with no formula whatsoever; in Israel, this is extremely rare), or managing to keep my sanity (and a decent salary) while also keeping Shlomo out of daycare.

5) I think my favorite holiday is Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) because you get dressed, go to shul (synagogue), and spend the whole day praying.  No brushing teeth, no showering, no eating, nothing else you need to be doing.  After Yom Kippur, I’d have to say Chanuka, because it’s an 8-day holiday, with vacation, but with hardly any major obligations.  Then Pesach (Passover), because for some reason, I think of it as an absolutely beautiful holiday.

6) I think Israel is beautiful, especially the greener parts, rivers, mountains, and deserts.  (Um, doesn’t that include all of Israel?)  But, honestly, I don’t think that I can rate one area of Israel above any others; each is breathtakingly beautiful in its own way.

7) I don’t usually listen to music, and when someone puts music on to brighten the mood, I get annoyed.  I like quiet the best.

8) Either a specific types of chocolate, cookies, and cake, or almost any type of cheese.

9) Yes, I did have a list before marriage.  It was a five-and-five list: Five things that my future husband must have; five things that I would like, but are not necessary; and five things that I will not live with.  I have the list somewhere in my [and my husband’s] memory, but it is not for this post.  However, I did get pretty much everything on my list, excluding some of the “not-necessary wants”.  I do not think I would have married someone who did not fit my list – nor do I think he would have married me.

10) I think I would play the violin.  I have always had a fascination with it.

11) I would go to New York, visit some friends for a day or so, and visit the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s gravesite.  Then I would go to Toronto for two or three weeks, to visit family and friends that I haven’t seen in too long.  And then I would go to Kentucky, so that I could spend time with my in-laws, indefinitely.  And then back home.

B. 11 things about myself:

1) I moved to Israel when I was 19, without my family.

2) I regularly buy my clothes second-hand.  For a few years, I would buy clothes new, once or twice a year, when absolutely necessary.  Since my marriage, I have completely stopped that.  Why bother spending the time to buy expensive clothes when I’ll either gain or lose weight in the next few months?  Plus, older styles are much more to my taste than newer ones.  Yitzchak feels bad about this (all his clothes he buys new), but I don’t mind it.  I also hate clothes shopping, which is another reason why I prefer to buy second-hand instead of going from store to store trying to find something I will wear and is within my budget.

3) I can count the number of times I wore proper makeup on one hand.  Only one of those times (our wedding) was after I met my husband.  Usually, I just cover my pimples so that they’re not too awful, and forget the rest.  I also ran out of pimple cover-up three and a half weeks ago, and have yet to go out to buy more.

4) Since we got married, we have not had an oven (gasp).  This is because during our first year, we did not have space for an oven/stove unit (we have a three-burner stove on our counter, always have), and now it is because we are lazy and keep pushing it off.  Yes, we cook on the stove.  We have figured out how to cook chicken, pizza, lasagna, and lots of other things using a stove.  Amazing, right?

5) In three years, we have moved twice.  Our first and third (current) apartments had/has two rooms each; the second apartment had five rooms, was temporary, and was way too big.

6) Everything in our house has a place where it belongs.  If I’m not sure that it will have a definite place, then I don’t bring it in the house.  This also helps to cut unnecessary spending, since we have a small house that can only fit so much.  Exceptions are free books, which displace other books. However, the displaced books now have a home: a laundry basket under the table.  One of these days, we will get another bookshelf (or two, replacing one of the ones that we currently have).  It’s on the list, after the toaster oven.  Because, of course, if the bookshelf was before the toaster oven, I have a feeling that we would have the bookshelf next month and the toaster oven (to vary our menus a bit) in at least another year.

7) I don’t mind going against the crowd, even if it means I’m not popular.

8) Before we got married, somebody asked us how many kids we wanted.  We said 20.  (FTR, I don’t think that will happen, considering that nursing works as birth control.)

9) I never, ever, ever thought that I would be happy as a stay-at-home, or work-at-home, mother.  Now, I want Yitzchak to find a job that will allow us to lead simple lives on one salary, so that if I choose to work from home, whatever I earn will be extra.

10) I am the oldest of five children (three girls, two boys), and my husband is the second youngest of five boys.

11) A month before we got married, I cut my own hair during my lunch break (it took ten minutes), to make a beard for my Purim costume.

C. 11 Questions for My Nominees:

1) What do you consider to be the three most important things in your life?

2) What made you decide to start blogging?

3) Books or television?  Why?

4) If someone accused your child of bullying theirs, how would you react?  Why?

5) What subjects do you enjoy reading about?

6) What do you consider to be the most important factor in a marriage?

7) There are many, many older (30+) singles today, as well as a high rate of divorce.  What do you think is the cause?

8) Why did you choose your city of residence?

9) How do you and your spouse handle finances?

10) What is your favorite household chore?  Why?

11) The classic: If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

D. Nominees:

1) BeEnough

2) Balance and Grace

3) Rach

4) Sporadic Intelligence

5) Jessica

6) Sarale

7) Curiodyssey

8) Carrie

9) Memyselfandkids

Hm, I only have nine nominees who fit the bill.  Anyone have suggestions?

Guest Post

Today’s post is a guest post about marriage, that I wrote on Life in the Married Lane‘s blog.

Go over there, take a look around, and enjoy!

Also, I recently joined Top Mommy Blogs, and put a button in my sidebar.  Please take a moment to click the link (which “votes” for me, and raises my rank), and browse the other blogs on the site.  If you really want to promote my blog, you can vote once a day, and/or rate my blog on TMB’s site.

A Lesson In Commenting*

lessons learned, learned a lesson, lightbulb, idea lightbulb, ideas, comments, criticism, learning, lightbulbs

I just learned a lesson:  Think carefully, very carefully, before you comment, especially using WordPress.  To be honest, I usually do think carefully.  I choose my words, choose how I say it, decide if I really have something to add (advice counts), and if it is really a post worth commenting on (sometimes, it is not).  Sometimes, though, I get a little too personal, or a little too carried away.  Or, I did not read enough of the blog to realize that the person in question is not open to hearing what I have to say.  The problem with WordPress?  You cannot edit or delete your own comment (unlike Blogger), unless it is on your own blog.  Sheesh.

So, from now on, before I comment, I will think five times, I will edit five times, and I will ask polite, respectful, politically correct Yitzchak to approve my comment.  As most of you have probably guessed from some of the opinions that I express on this blog, “Politically Correct” is far from being my middle name.

I ask any of you who did not like my comment on your blog, or who took offense, to please forgive me, let me know, and feel free to delete the comment.  In fact, please do delete it.  Who knows?  Maybe I would have pressed “edit” or “delete” myself, if I were using Blogger.

Maybe this is what it means, “Think before you speak.”  I always thought, “Yeah, I think before I speak.  But if I decided to say it, then I think it has to be said.  And if you don’t like it – well, who said you have to like everything I say, or even agree with it?”

So, maybe what I said, or wrote, did need to be said or written.  Maybe it really did.  But maybe it did not have to be written to a specific person.  I suppose, that is why I have my own blog; and as it is often said, things need to be done “b’ofen hamitkabel”, in a way that will be accepted by the receiver.  If it will not be accepted, then forget it.  This is hard for me to swallow, oftentimes.**

So, I apologize again to any and all of you whom I have offended (hopefully not too many), and please remember that I say things because I feel they need to be said and heard; you are never, ever required, or even asked, to publish a comment that you do not like.  Especially if you do not like it, or it insults you.  Because in most of those cases, and especially if comments are moderated and you do not have a contact page, I meant the comment for one set of eyes only.  And, if I insulted you, please let me know.

Please take my poll!  Thank you.



*This post, while prompted by a specific comment that I recently made, is not only about that one comment.  I have made at least three comments that I afterward wanted to delete or edit, none of them on the same blog.

**(Politically correct, nice, Yitzchak did not like this part, and wants me to omit it, but I feel that it is necessary to my readers’ understanding of where I am coming from and what I have learned am learning.  Tell me if he is right.)  After all, I accept any and all criticism, think about it, and often act on it.  Why shouldn’t everyone else?  Because “everyone else” is not me.  And while that may be important to me, and a strong point for me, as well as a point of pride, not everyone can do it.  And it is not fair to hold everyone else up to my own personal standards, especially since different people have different strengths and weaknesses.

Super Sweet Blog Award

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The Super Sweet Blog Award logo.

So, I’ve been nominated by Jessica for the Super Sweet Blog Award.  Which, obviously, is very cool, since I haven’t been blogging for that long, and since it’s my first blog award.

Here are the requirements, to be fulfilled:

1) Display the above logo.

2) Nominate 13 other blogs.  (Wow, that’s a LOT of people.)  Okay, here they are, in no particular order:

  1. ChatterBlog
  2. Mom in the Muddle
  3. Rachel
  4. Adventures in Jedi
  5. On the Fence
  6. Little Poppits
  7. Best of 2 Sisters
  8. Asilee
  9. Little Rays of Sunshine
  10. Booshy
  11. Balance and Grace
  12. Tackling Mommyhood
  13. Upside Backwards

3) Answer the following questions:

  1. Cookies or cake?  It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s chocolate.
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate, hands down.  (See above answer.)
  3. What is your favorite sweet treat?  Brownies!
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most?  When I’m tired, bored, procrastinating, hungry, not hungry, busy, not busy, and dealing with a toddler, relaxing from a hard day, or don’t want to eat real food.  In other words, a lot.  But I only crave certain sweet [chocolate] foods, not just anything that’s sweet.
  5.  If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Brownie?  Chocolate hair?  Chocolate lover?  Chaya the chocoholic?  I don’t know.