An end, and a new beginning

You knew this was coming…you did.

While I love the people I’ve met through this blog (shout out to Be Enough, MeMyselfandKids, and others), I don’t feel this blog is accomplishing what it was created to accomplish.

This blog was created to accomplish two purposes:

  1. To give a sane perspective of what is happening in Israel, and to make Israelis more “human.”
  2. To showcase some of my writing, because a prospective client had asked if I have a blog and I had to say no.

Since then, I have realized two things:

  1. This blog does not have enough exposure to actually make a difference like I wanted to do in #1.
  2. My writing has improved over time, and I do not want to go back and edit every post. Also, I have since become a solopreneur and started freelance writing – but guess what? None of my clients care about my  blog, have asked to see it, and *no one* has ever become my client through my blog.

So, I am closing this blog. I am not yet sure how, and what, if anything, I will leave up.

But the bottom line is this:

I am going to be blogging on IsraelBlogger. And because of that, I am moving all of my best posts on Israel to their platform. This will accomplish the first goal of this blog, and my posts will get more exposure than they would here.

As each post is transferred, it will be turned “private” on this blog.

I invite all of you to come over to IsraelBlogger and follow me – us – over there.



2 thoughts on “An end, and a new beginning

  1. Beautiful friend! I am going to miss you! I am wondering if we can stay connected on FB or with email? I must admit that my blogging has been ebbing and flowing lately as well… after 7 years I am not sure either for the place of blogging and the copious amounts of words that are flowing in cyberspace. I am moving towards being more present with my people, in my neighbourhood, community and business.


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