Versatile Blogger Award

Littlepoppits nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  In her words, “THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD* shines the spotlight on bloggers who are adept at creating and handling change – whether it’s their life or the lives of others.”versatile blogger award, versatile blogger, blog awards, blogger awards, awards, blogs

What do I have to do for this award?  Well, it seems to be much less complicated than the Liebster Award: 1) Nominate 3 other bloggers, 2) state seven facts about yourself.  So, here goes:

Seven Facts:

1) I hate clothes shopping.  And shoe shopping.  I like grocery shopping, though.

2) A few years ago, I found a list of ambitions that I had written when I was twelve.  Five of them I had actually fulfilled, and many others were things that I no longer cared about (like being a professional sewing teacher).

3) I am very good at procrastinating.  This is a very un-helpful trait if you have to make your own schedule and stick to it (which I do, because I work from home).

4) Yitzchak and I look so similar that people often think we are brother and sister.  Um, NOT!  We are both on the tallish side and skinny, and that is where the similarity in looks ends.

5) Yitzchak is three and a half years older than me.

6) Somehow, we always seem to have piles of dishes in the sink.  And I hate washing them.

7) My left pinky fingernail splits down the middle if it gets to be longer than 2 or 3 mm.

Three nominees (why is this always the hardest part?):

1) Altie

2) On the Fence

3) Rachelli

4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

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