Do You Like Being Scared?

Over on another blog (a few days ago), there was a post about Halloween scary. Do you like being scared?

Do you like scary movies?

I’m not going to link, because I really have nothing against the blog owner – I actually kind of admire her, even if I disagree about many things (like gay rights, and the post that she published that showed how “Palestinians” are being mistreated).

But I got mad at the subject. Okay, it’s not her fault. Why should she think to herself that “scary” means something serious to someone who lives so far away? On the other hand, maybe she should – she’s a mother, and has had her share of life difficulties. But okay, she’s never lived in the shadow of anti-Semitism. Fine. Let it go.

I did write a comment (after which the post was no longer displayed on the site, but still accessible through the link – weird). And I think that my comment deserves its own post. So here it is.

I admit. I was pissed. The post got me annoyed. The subject got me annoyed. The absolute lack of any real understanding of what he word “scary” means, got me annoyed. And it shows in my comment. A comment that I think says a lot.

Because before I post, I think. I check. I research. I rephrase. I wonder. I rethink. I don’t always post raw emotion. In fact, I hardly ever post raw emotion – most of those posts are sitting as drafts in my WordPress dashboard.

So here, take it or leave it: What I think of “scary” Halloween:

No, I don’t like being scared.

And I don’t think that scary movies are truly scary. You allow yourself to be pulled in and forget that it’s just a movie, and at the end of the night you will go home to see your family – and NOTHING will happen to you or anyone else in the theater.

Being scared means being afraid to go to the mall because yesterday a Muslim lunged at civilians with a knife.

Being scared means being scared to go to the Old City in Jerusalem, because almost every day, someone is stabbed over there.

Being scared means being afraid to go visit the mourning family of your murdered friend, because who knows, maybe there are more terrorists waiting to shoot innocent civilians on that same road.

It means being scared that because the government decided to open the safe Israeli roads to PA Arabs, those roads are no longer safe – but you have no choice, they are the only roads you can take (and it is because those roads were open to help PA Arabs that this shooting incident occurred).

It means knowing that no one in the entire world cares about you – all that matters is that the “Poor Palestinians” should be able to kill people and run away with their lives and freedom. And BBC is a good example. Poor “Palestinian” – shot after he stabbed someone. Poor “Palestinian” – killed after he killed two civilians. Oh, poor guy.

It means knowing that jail is a farce. In jail these terrorists will receive visitors and see their families, they will get a degree – free, paid for by our taxes – and a salary; their families will live well and will also get nice sums of money. And when these terrorists are freed – in the next US-forced deal – they will be received with the highest honors and go back to killing Israeli citizens.

Sorry. but “Halloween scary” is a farce.

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