Pictures And Terror Attacks

Someone asked to see my degree paper. I took it out, photographed it, and uploaded the photo to my email. I was about to take the SD card out of the computer, like I usually do. And then I thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe I should just upload these pictures to my computer? I’m not rushing to do anything at the moment.”

So I did. And I realized that the last time I transferred pictures from my camera to my computer was in the very beginning of April. I know this, because the last folder created was March 2015. Wow.

It makes sense. We’ve been busy. There were a few months in there that I didn’t want to look at pictures (although I continued taking them), because I was too worried. But now, thank G-d, everything is back to normal, and everyone is healthy. The pictures from April through July will still hurt a bit, but we are over it. I think. I hope. I pray. Thank G-d.

Thank G-d.

And I’m kicking myself. I still don’t have an American passport for Tova. I don’t have one, because I didn’t really think we’d need one. We’re not planning on traveling, and an emergency passport is easy enough to get, right?

I took passport pictures of Tova. But I never got the passport. We didn’t need it, it’s a pain to go to Jerusalem, and I’m always paranoid. But now I wish I’d done this before.

Because now it’s not my paranoia. It’s facts on the ground. Jerusalem is becoming a scarier place every day. And I need a vacation. If someone offered me enough money (besides for regular salaries), I would seriously pick up and take a two-month vacation, on condition that our income wouldn’t suffer, and we’d have everything ready and waiting when we came back.

A few months ago, terror attacks were limited to the Old City and neighborhoods that border East Jerusalem (which, by the way, the consulate does, probably on purpose). Today terror has spread to Givat Shaul, Meah Shearim, Malchei Yisrael, Ein Karem, and who knows where else. Today, there was a bus attack.

It’s not safe to be in Jerusalem. Period.

On the other hand, we chose our city because it hardly ever makes the news – and when it does, it’s usually about a benign topic that our city is famous for. To date, we’ve made the news about unemployment, strikes, our nice benign famousness, our educational excellence and . . . one incident that was caused by a Jewish psycho. An incident that we hope will be forgotten, by everyone.

So now I have finally finished copying all the pictures taken from April-September 2015 onto our computer. I have to sort through them.

And maybe I have to pick myself up, go to the library, print out the necessary documents, and make an appointment with the consulate. It doesn’t look like the situation will get better within the next week.

Should we buy a lottery ticket, and hope that G-d will pick us to be the winners . . . and then use the money to take a vacation from this crazy security situation?

On the other hand, where would we go? And how would we manage to keep up a steady income while we’re gone?

Is Antarctica looking for people? Are there anti-Semites down there?

I wouldn’t want to visit my family in Canada. I don’t think it’s too safe over there, either, right now – it’s made the news several times, and the number of Arabs who live there . . . you may as well be in Lod. On the other hand, Yitzchak’s family lives in a quiet part of the U.S. They, too, are famous for benign things. But maybe it’s not a good idea to go there, either. There’s been a wave of Arab immigration recently.  Most of them are refugees, but still . . .

Maybe it’s just better to stay where we are. We can take a vacation to the Golan. Or we can take a vacation to our bomb shelter.

What do you think?

If I close my eyes, will this awful situation disappear?

Please tell me that within a month, the Arabs will be too scared to breathe, and definitely won’t be even *thinking* of attempting to pull off any terror attacks.


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