Travels of My Pillow (And Blanket)

pillow, toddler on pillow, baby on pillow, baby pillow, todder pillow, toddler in moms bed, toddler in dads bedLast night, Shlomo was having trouble falling asleep, again.  I went in, hugged him again, tucked him in, gave him a kiss, and walked out.

Two and a half hours later, Yitzchak walks in to get our pajamas.  (We have a one-bedroom apartment.  Hopefully, that will change in the summer.)

“Did you give Shlomo your pillow?” he asks.

“Does he have my pillow?”

Yes, he does.  Shlomo has my pillow and – unnoticed to Yitzchak – my blanket.  How?  I guess he reached out of his crib and managed somehow to grab them off my bed and drag them into his.  The pillow isn’t surprising – one end of his crib meets the head of my bed, with a few inches between them.  The blanket – I have no idea how he got.

But there he was, sleeping on his pillow and an inch of mine, with my pillow almost standing straight up behind his head.  And my blanket?  Between his knees, covering only the lower part of his legs.  I guess it helped him fall asleep.

It was such a cute picture, but I didn’t want to risk waking Shlomo up.  Oh, well.

My only question is:  Is the interest in my pillow because he doesn’t like his?  Or because my pillow is mine?

4 thoughts on “Travels of My Pillow (And Blanket)

      • He IS in our room – hopefully, that will change in the summer, when we move. Which is why I kind of want to leave him in his crib – one big change at a time, better that he learn to sleep in his own room (he’ll love it, I know he will, but it still is an adjustment) and only THEN do we switch him. (We have only one bedroom, pretty much since our wedding.)


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