The Diaper Dilemma

What do you do when every diaper leaks?

Some leak from the sides, and some leak from the backs, and once we had a leak from the front – under Tova’s belly button.  That was just weird.  And before you say, “Well, just change the diaper immediately,” I want to make sure that it is very, very clear that we change the diapers almost as soon as Tova is finished pooping in them.

We do this for two reasons:

1. Tova hates sitting in a dirty (or wet) diaper;

2. We know that it is probably going to leak and make more work for us if we don’t change it right away.

But it doesn’t help.  Either the back of the diaper is too short, or there is no elastic in the back, or both.  And we really don’t understand why the diapers have suddenly become so low-quality – with Shlomo, practically every diaper worked.

We’ve tried:

Huggies – leaks from the back 8/10 times, and from the sides 5/10.

Pampers – leaks from the sides 6/10 and from the back 8.5/10.

Babysitter – leaks from the sides 9/10, from the back 3/10 (this is the best so far, since back leaks are much worse).

We are now trying “Life” brand, from SuperPharm.  Yitzchak doesn’t hold high hopes, because the back has practically no elastic.  If this brand doesn’t work, we will try Premium (Titulim) – which was our favorite brand with Shlomo, until they changed their packaging (and their quality).  But hey, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?  After that we might give Litufim, the local, known “garbage brand” a try, just for the sake of it.  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe we will find another brand, one that works.  And maybe by the time we find something that holds all this liquid poop, her poop will start solidifying . . . the only problem is that solidified poop is poop that stains – and stains that don’t always come out, even with stain remover.

Seriously, if we are cleaning poop from her back every time, and stain-treating half her clothes, we may as well just buy cloth diapers.  They can’t be that much worse, and we will keep them for future uses with Tova, and future kids . . . plus, it means less landfill waste.  It sounds utterly disgusting to me to put her poop into the toilet myself, but at this point, it’s not that much more gross than cleaning off her clothes and her back – while trying to keep her hands away from the mess.

I think if we run out of diaper brands we will try either cloth, or asking Mom to send us diapers from the U.S.  Yitzchak wants to try the second route, because he is convinced that the diaper companies are selling Israel worse quality diapers than they sell in America, and by proving that, we can expose it and force them to change.  I’m not sure how we can expose it and force change if we don’t have today’s societal key to propaganda (i.e., Facebook), but we can try.

It’s just really frustrating that these companies are cutting corners, lowering quality, lowering the quantity per package – AND raising prices.  The deterioration in quality is huge, and all of this from when Shlomo was a baby.  Then, we bought most of our diapers 3 packages for 100 shekel.  Now, the best you can reasonably hope for is 2 for 87 shekels – but maybe that’s because we don’t live in the same area, anymore.  I don’t think so, though.


2 thoughts on “The Diaper Dilemma

  1. Hey- do you have Babylove nappies where you come from? They are the bees knees- I went from many many poosplosions to none!! They come up quite high which seems to help. Huggies are rubbish, expensive well marketed rubbish!


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