Blogging Dilemma

What do you do, when you want to write about something very personal on your blog – but there are people in your family who sometimes read your blog, and you haven’t told them about it – and don’t plan to tell them anytime soon?

See, if I write what I want to write – I might get an angry phone call from specific members of my family, asking why I didn’t tell them.

The reason I didn’t tell these people is that I didn’t want them to know.  I don’t regret that decision one bit.  I STILL don’t want them to know.

What I do regret is giving them this blog’s address, when I first began writing.  I started this blog so that I would have writing samples for potential employers, and so that my writing skills – and my English – would not go down the drain.  (Seriously, I think in Hebrew a lot.  I also dream in Hebrew sometimes, and when I talk to myself, I often speak in Hebrew.  It messes up my English, a lot.)

So I wanted them to have the address, so that they could pass it on to anyone potentially interesting in hiring me as a writer.  Honestly, I don’t think that’s happened.  I got a lot of people asking me for online writing samples, so I started this blog.  However, because I’m a follower of Murphy, I haven’t received any offers, or requests, since then.

My family still has the address, though.  Do they read it?  I don’t know.  I don’t think so, obviously, or else I wouldn’t be writing this post.  But I don’t want to get a phone call from M. drilling me on details of my life that I didn’t want to share with her.  I just – don’t.

So, I don’t write.  That is why I haven’t written for this past week.  That is why, for the past month, and even before that, my writing has become more and more sporadic.  Because this personal issue is taking a lot of my time and energy, and often, it takes up most of the non-parenting, non-working thoughts that I have.

What do I do?

I guess I just wait it out, and ask you to wait with me.

Hopefully soon, I will have other things to think about, and my head will be clear again.  Until then, bear with me.







(For those who think they know, and who think I’m pregnant – I’m not, or at least, not to my knowledge.  This is a different issue.)

16 thoughts on “Blogging Dilemma

  1. I completely get what you’re saying. I wrote about giving away my identity to friends and others here (hope that worked). It’s tough. I’ve written about sensitive subjects in the past on a public forum where people did know I was and it was hard getting the questions of “Is this about me?”, “How could you say that?” and other such questions. And each time I was asked, it wore on me. I became more and more selective until I didn’t feel I could write anything at all on that forum. So I stopped. I explained why to select people and that was the end of it. I still regret having left it. I lost a haven and a place where I could vent, discuss, offer advice, ask advice and on and on. That’s one of the reasons I started blogging.

    This is your place. Your haven. Do not let others invade it and impose anything on you. This of course, is my opinion without knowing the topic of what you intend on writing about. Although I do know that it’s not about you being pregnant.

    I understand why the previous paragraph may not sit well with you as every issue is unique and needs to be approached differently. Could be that what I’ve said isn’t applicable, or is too broad for you to apply it. In that case, if it’s possible, I’d suggest asking another blogger to post it as an anonymous guest post on their site. If you plan on doing so, by all means, delete this comment so others won’t see that this is what you plan on doing.

    Good luck with making your decision.


  2. Awesome encouraging ideas everyone! I have the same issue with my blog, I tend to sensor myself because of certain people in my audience. I hope that your blog brings you what you want and need.


  3. You speak to them directly. I don’t believe the purpose of the blog is to communicate important things to close family. Some things are not right for the blog. However, once you spill to them, then you can write about it – and do it well. After all, good writing tends to come from meaningful moments/feelings/emotions.
    Murph -Murphys’ Law?


    • I don’t want to speak to them about it – the issue is a personal one, and I’d rather not have to deal with the inevitable results of them knowing right now. Eventually, maybe in a few years, maybe more, they will know.
      I also don’t want them to find out from my blog, because that will just be worse.

      You are right, though, that good writing comes from meaningful emotions, thoughts, moments, and feelings.

      Murphy is Murphy’s Law. I have been a follower of his – and trying not to be – for a while now. 🙂


  4. If there was something I didn’t want family to read, I just wouldn’t post it. Sometimes I wish I was completely anonymous for that reason but fact is, I’m not and therefore I do have to think twice before posting. I’m sorry, though, that you don’t have that freedom on what should be your space.


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