Historical Moment: P5+1 and Iran Sign Deal

Yesterday was a day of historical importance.  Just like it was meant to be.  Mission accomplished: The names of those signing the deal were sealed forever in the annals of history, and will be forever mentioned history textbooks throughout the world.  What exactly those books will say remains to be seen, and is quite questionable.  Nevertheless, the goal was to make history and leave a legacy, and this has been accomplished.

I don’t know the specifics of the deal (update: you can find them here), but I do know that you agreed that inspection of Iran’s nuclear facilities can be refused or delayed at Iran’s will, and it isn’t even going to be spontaneous – ever.  You caved on the one thing that means everything.  Iran promises to provide answers by the end of 2015 . . . what answers?  Why can’t they be provided now?  How do you know that Iran will actually follow through?  Iran has just been given 5 months to think of believable lies and how to cover the truth.  This deal is a victory for Iran and radical Shiite governments, and a dangerous, embarrassing surrender for everyone else.

This really makes me glad that Israel is not part of P5+1, or any nuclear power agreements: we would not have been able to prevent such an agreement from being signed.  (Obviously, Israel as of now does not have nukes, so this what-if is pretty moot.)  Thankfully, Israel also never agreed to support or recognize such a treaty.  From our point of view,  Europe might have agreed to sell our lives (Chamberlain, anyone?), but that is irrelevant to us, because we did not agree.

And so I am not afraid of Iran, because for all the government of Israel has its issues – and believe me, it has a lot of them – this is one line that nobody will cross, one thing that everybody agrees on.  And so . . .  Israel will take care of Iran.

But little countries need to keep big friends, so I’m guessing that we already have, or are about to have, either Russia or China standing behind us, to make sure that we don’t get nuked in the process.  Also, as much as Obama bin Laden would like to think otherwise, he can’t really afford to lose our cooperation.  Sooo . . . I don’t think we’re about to be nuked for taking out Iran’s nukes.

Pakistan’s nukes are for India and India’s nukes are for Pakistan.  Russia’s nukes are for America, and America’s nukes are for Russia.  North Korea is a threat, not only because of their views on Israel, but because they provide “under-the-table,” as it were, nukes and nuclear technology to dangerous, unstable countries.  Iran’s future nukes . . . are for Israel to prevent, so that North Korea II doesn’t end up happening.

If most of the American public is against a deal with Iran, how did Obama manage to sign a treaty that goes against the will of the electorate?  It absolutely floors me.  But then again, he’s not up for re-election, so why shouldn’t he do what he wants?

As of now, Congress has 60 days to go over the treaty.  Hopefully, they will veto it; to do so, they need a majority of two-thirds, or 67 senators.  Will they veto it?  Does it even matter?  Are sanctions going to be kept until Congress makes its decision?  Does it even matter?  (Yes, it does.)

Here’s what Naftali Bennett has to say on the matter.

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