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It’s the middle of the night.  Shlomo woke up, came to join us, and got back into bed.  I’m nearly asleep again.  Suddenly I hear a familiar, unmistakable sound – wooo-wooo, starting off low, getting higher, then dropping back to the low.  Oh, great.  In the middle of the night.  Do I have to get up?  What happens if I just ignore it?  And what do we do now?

No, the risks are too great.  Yes, I have to get up.  Yitzchak will get Shlomo, find his shoes, and head to the door.  I will find where my hat fell (to cover my hair), find my slippers, and go.  This whole conversation in my head lasts about five seconds.

I bolt upright, planning to find my slippers and hat.

“Chana, what happened?” Yitzchak turns over, startled.

And I realize –

there’s no siren.

It was just a dream.

I was half asleep.  Only half asleep.  And it sounded so clearly that I had no doubt that it was real.

“Nothing, I thought there was an azaka (air-raid siren).”  I lay back down; my heart is still beating fast.  In my stomach, I feel the effects of the adrenalin rush.  It’s a good thing.  I take a deep breath, remind myself that it was just a dream, and try to relax.

I guess this is how Shlomo feels when he dreams of woo-woos.

 Just so that you can hear what I heard (or what I thought I heard).  Ours are slightly louder – or maybe not, it could just be less traffic.  Notice that the cars are stopping.  When there is an azaka, people who are driving are instructed to stop their vehicles, get out, and lay prone on the ground, to minimize the chance of injury.  Because not everyone follows these instructions (and just in general), it is safer to go to the side of the road, which is why everyone is going over to the shoulder. 


Israel’s Traffic App

There is a new app for android phones*: It lets drivers know when they are about to drive into a mob of armed Arabs.  And it lets people know when they make a wrong turn and accidentally drive on Palestinian Authority roads – a potentially life-threatening wrong turn.phones, israel, iphones, phone apps, israel security, arab terrorists, terror, israel safety

Just remind me:

Who is occupying, and who is occupied?

An Arab who drives on any road in Israel won’t have rocks thrown at him by a Jew.  Maybe he’ll be hit by rocks thrown by another Arab.  But not by a Jew.  An Arab is allowed to enter any town in Israel safely.  Jews are not.

Remind me please: Who is occupying who?  Who is endangering who?  Who is civilized and who is savage?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Because only a Jew in Israel would ever need such an app.

May G-d save us from our own stupidity and allow us to see what has to be done in order to put an end to terror.







* I originally saw this headline on Janglo, so it doesn’t feel right to give all the credit to Arutz Sheva.