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The Reason We Clean Up

. . . is so that the room can get messy again.

I only pick up the toys so that Shlomo can dump them again.

Because, see, there’s no real reason to clean.  Obviously, if I’m picking up toys, I’m playing a game with him.  A game called, “Pick It Up and Take It Down.”  And it really is a fun game.  (Actually, yes, it is – depending on the mood of the parent cleaning and the time of day.)

Seriously, though, Shlomo thinks that if he gets praised to clean up – then if he dumps the toys and starts cleaning up again, he’ll get more praise.  Isn’t that true?

So, why not dump the toys?





*To those interested: I am not becoming cynical.  (I am, however, getting writers’ block.)  Yitzchak told me to post about this topic, and I had to think of a decent way to do it.

Gender Roles

boy with doll, boy playing with doll, dolls, boys, playing, pretend doctor, pretend father

In our androgynous society, where women do men’s work and men do women’s’ work, one would expect that a girl playing with trucks and a boy playing with dolls would be accepted and normal.

It floors me that when I take Shlomo out, he is a boy, dressed like a boy, who looks like a boy.  Everyone assumes, correctly, that he is a male child.

But the moment he is holding his doll, he becomes a girl.  Robot sweatshirt, gray pants, and gray sneakers notwithstanding.  And everyone comments on what a lovely little girl I have.

Sometimes I want to say, “Does your husband never do the dishes or help with the kids?  And if he does, why is it so out of the ordinary for a little boy to practice being a father, just like little girls practice being mothers?”

Maybe our society is more traditional than we think, and less open-minded than we give ourselves credit for.