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Bad Parenting?

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Am I a bad parent for not caring (okay, not having the energy to argue about) Shlomo throwing potatoes into his toy bucket, which is now empty?  He is throwing them and laughing hysterically.  I feel like telling him that we don’t throw things, but this is kind of like a game of bowling, and he is laughing hysterically.  And that is such a lovely sound to hear.  He’s also throwing down, instead of throwing across or sideways, so there’s no way hardly any chance that it’ll hit something other than the floor or his toy box.  And I am letting it happen, while I work on the computer (yes, work, not blog).  Am I a bad parent?  But even if I am, that hysterical laughter is one of the best sounds in the world.  So who cares?  (He won’t do it when he grows up, right?  So it doesn’t matter in the long term, and it doesn’t matter in the short term either, since they’re potatoes.  Which means that it doesn’t matter at all.)