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Mysterious Corner

maroon curtain

I pass through the metal detector at the entrance of the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, and stick my bag on the x-ray belt.  And I notice something new: The corner right at the entrance to the station, and a little behind the bag x-ray, had been curtained off.  While I steered the stroller out of the way and grabbed my bag, I asked the security guard what was behind the curtain.

Security Guard (SG): “What’s behind the curtain?(!?)”

Me: “Yeah, the curtain is new. What’s behind it?”

SG (amused): “You want to know what’s behind it?  Why?”

Me (wondering what’s so complicated about the question): “I’m just curious, because it’s new.”

SG (still amused, but apparently willing to answer a young mother with a kid’s curiosity): “You want to take a look?”

Me (surprised at the offer): “Sure, why not?”

SG (with a 100% straight face): “Okay, give me your identity card and come back here; I’ll search you.”

Me (laughing and turning the stroller towards the ramp): “Uh, no no, thanks so much!”

That is, thanks so much for the answer.  Sometimes I wonder whether I’ll ever regret my curiosity and question-asking.I walked away laughing, and I’m pretty sure he was laughing at me, too.  But that’s okay, because it was pretty funny.

(For those interested – this happened on this past Thursday.)