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“I Am Israel”

I found this picture on A Soldier’s Mother, and it was too beautiful not to share.


This is Israel; this is the Jewish nation.  We have survived thousands of years; we have seen empires, some of them the strongest and most powerful of their times, rise to power and then fall.

Israel is a Jewish country, and therefore Israel will endure.  Our country has changed hands several times, but always keeps coming back to us.

At different times, we have conquered and owned all of Sinai, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.  Gaza was sometimes ours, sometimes not.  Judea and Samaria were always ours.  Eilat was conquered later.  We do not wish to conquer any of our present neighbors; we simply wish to keep the land that we have, and make it fruitful.

When we came 64 years ago, this land was almost a complete desert wasteland.  In less than fifty years, we made the desert bloom.

Being Jewish is both a religion and a nationality.

Israel is, and has always been, no matter what it was called, the Jewish homeland.

No other country withstands what we do, on a daily basis, and still continues to be a free, democratic country, giving equal rights to all its citizens, even if not all of its citizens agree that that is what should be done.