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Some Questions for Kerry

Kerry says that Netanyahu’s comments on Iran are over the top.

After watching this clip, I have a few questions for him.

1. How can you have easy, unlimited access if you first have to go through the process of asking and getting permission?  What does it help to have so many inspectors, if they can’t spontaneously inspect the facilities?

2. How was Netanyahu wrong on the interim deal?  You say he was wrong, but don’t say how.  What did Netanyahu say that was “over the top”?  You are full of talk, empty of content.

3. The critics of your plan offer 2 simple alternatives: 1. Give Iran an ultimatum – either dismantle, or be nuked.  What’s so difficult?  Why isn’t war an option?  You’ve had plenty of time to prepare, and pushing the war off will only make the situation worse.  2. Keep tightening sanctions until Iran dismantles its nuclear facilities entirely, and signs a two-line agreement that states this: That it is understood that if Iran ever attempts to open a nuclear facility again, they will be nuked promptly within the month, and the entire country leveled.  Very, very simple.

4. Now that the text of the agreement has been released, how can you continue to accuse Netanyahu of not knowing the exact terms contained within it?

5. Why do you think that Iran can be trusted now, if they have never kept agreements in the past?  Um, oops.  You seem to think the same of Hamas.  Are these Muslims bribing you or dosing you?  Or are you perhaps a natural-born, bona fide idiot?