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So, as I stated here, I have been looking for an online job to supplement the editing job that I already have.  Well, first of all, most of the “jobs” out there are scams.  It gets more frustrating every time I search.  Here are a few pointers for identifying scams:

1) If the site doesn’t have good English, good grammar, or good spelling, think twice.

2) Dr. Google.  Either Google the site’s name,  or Google, “site’s name scam” (for example, “online income solution scam”).

3) Check Snopes.

4) Do they charge you money in order to use their site?  If yes, think twice.  You shouldn’t have to pay someone in order to work for them.

5) Is the site well-organized and well thought out?  Many sites that are run by scammers are, but many are not.

6) What exactly is the job for?  What will you be doing?  If they do not specify what your job will be, it is a red flag.

7) Read their Terms and Conditions.  If they are not clear, take that to be a warning sign.

8) Are they rated by the Better Business Bureau?  If not, why not?  If yes, what is their rating?

9) Make sure any logos or external links that are displayed on the site actually work.

10) If it sounds too good to be true, then it often is.

Obviously, there are some exceptions to these rules.  It all boils down to doing your homework carefully.  For me, the first thing I look at is the level of the English.  In real life, if you don’t have a good reason not to speak or write proper English, I can’t respect you as much.  I know it sounds stupid, but I just can’t.  If English is your mother tongue (here I let all my Israeli friends off the hook – they just have to speak and write a decent Hebrew), and you still can’t speak it properly, much less write it properly, then there is something wrong.  Either you never paid attention in school, or you are stupid.  And by stupid, I mean the common usage of the word: a stupid person is someone who expects that he won’t land in jail if he employs illegal immigrants, or some other such thing.

But, really?  You want me to do business with you, but you can’t even take the time and effort to be professional?  You want me to do business with you, and give you personal information, but you never bothered learning word order?  Give me a break!

See my post on Online Income Solutions and my ideal job.

Online Income Solutions

online income solutions, scamFor the past week, I have been seeing ads for a way to make a couple hundred dollars a day.  Two days ago, it was $379/day; yesterday, it was $250/day.  Whatever.  So, finally, I clicked.  I’ll admit – part of it was my curiosity at an obviously religious Arab woman who was the one claiming she had earned it.  And part of that curiosity was a bit of racism.  Racism is the reason I didn’t click before – I don’t want to join a company that is headed by Muslims.  Finally, though, I clicked.  I wanted to find out what this Arab lady was doing.  I figured it couldn’t be something that I didn’t know and couldn’t do better, since I don’t think she can be any smarter than me, and is probably dumber (IQ again).  (Okay, guys, let’s leave my racist motivations aside here; that is not the point of this post.  I added it simply to explain why it took over a week for me to click, and why I ended up clicking.)

The click took me to their site, which asked for my full name, phone number, and email.  (The page that I got also ended in “/arabic”, so my racism was somewhat founded.)  I believe I but “C” as my full name; the site did not accept it.  So, I ended up putting “crabapple”, the email address I use for sign-ups, and an imaginary phone number that I do not believe anyone has (972-52-000-0000, 972 being the country code, and 52 being a prefix for one of the cellphone providers here).

Then, I was allowed to look at their website.  It looked pretty decent, and much less of a risk than Empower Network, because it was a one-time fee of $19.95, instead of a monthly fee of $25.  Yitzchak thought so, too.  We read the disclaimer, the terms and conditions, and the FAQs.  We read all the fine print.

And then, I Googled it.  It came up as: scam, scam, scam, scam.  And, “Do not do this, they took  my money.”  “Do not do this, it is a scam.”  “These people are scammers, how do I get my money back?”

And the Muslim lady?  Well, two days ago, she lived in Haifa (that is what it said on their site).  Yesterday, I found a link to Career Journal, their fake advertising site, whose comments are closed ‘because of spam’.  It is the same article I found two days ago in my Google search, but then I was only looking at the comments.  The article says that this lady lives in Tel Aviv.  Looks kind of fishy to me.

I am also very cautious about sites that do not use good English, grammar, or spelling.  Online Income Solutions‘ site had errors in grammar and spelling.  That’s a red flag for me.

So, what am I saying?  I’m saying this: Be careful.  In the end, no matter how legit it looks, it might not be.  And while I am kind of wary of Empower, I happen to think it is completely legit.  In fact, I am 99.999% sure of it, after a week and a half of thinking.  I also have no proofs otherwise, other than the fact that almost all of the 78 pages of Google results seem to be written by affiliates.  And that, my friends, proves nothing other than good SEO skills.  So, take Empower Network or leave it.  But stay away from Online Income Solutions, and ALWAYS do a Google search before you put down your money.

Update: Today I Googled both Online Income Solutions and Career Journal, to find their addresses, but I could not find them, or any of their affiliates.  All I am finding are articles denouncing them (and not so many of those, either).  I guess someone put a stop to their game, somehow.  As they say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

Update (Dec. 12, 2012): I saw their ad again, and clicked for you.  Here is Online Income Solution’s site (with the addition of a “+ISRAEL” end to the url).  And here is their Career Journal article.  Both pages did not want me to close them, and I have read that the site, as a whole, makes it hard for your computer to close it.  So, click at your own risk.