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Gaza and Their Dam Lies

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This post by A Soldier’s Mother was just too funny to resist.

I do have a few funny posts in the making, honestly I do.  Funny parenting posts, not funny political posts.  But this one is just funny.

She starts her post –

I keep thinking that someone will look at this and get a real laugh. Oh, not for the tragedy of three people dying and 5,000 being evacuated…but about blaming Israel for the worst storm of the century and saying we opened the dams.
We didn’t. We really didn’t. And we didn’t – because the damn dams, damn well don’t exist. That’s right…there are no dams that we dammed up…in fact, if I’m not mistake, there are no dams at all between Israel and Gaza…and, if there are any rivers that flow into Gaza, well, by the time they get anywhere near Gaza, they’re more of a tiny, tiny, tiny stream than anything that anyone would ever call a river.


So go on, read it.