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Flying Cake

On Shabbat morning, Shlomo gets cake for breakfast (long story).  Obviously, I don’t make the cake just for him.  But it’s usually the only cake we make each week.

This week Yitzchak bought me a present – ingredients for cheesecake.  I made a cheesecake Thursday night and a chocolate cake on Friday afternoon.  The cheesecake, obviously, was almost gone by the time Shabbat morning came along.  But we saved a bit for Shlomo.

Except . . .

When Yitzchak gave Shlomo a piece of chocolate cake and a piece of cheesecake last Shabbat morning, Shlomo picked up the cheesecake, said, “Cold,” and refused to touch it.  Yitzchak said that if he doesn’t eat it, Ima will be very happy to.  Well, Shlomo didn’t want it, and that was final.

So YItzchak cut the cheesecake into bite-size pieces, speared one with a fork and brought it to me, while I was still in bed.  Yummy.  Then he did the same with bite-size pieces 2 and 3.  And then . . .

Shlomo decided that flyiing cake into Ima’s mouth (he could see it from his seat at the table, because the bedroom door was open) sounded like a lot of fun.  So I got about five or six pieces of chocolate cake flown into my mouth, except that these weren’t cut into bite-size pieces and I more than once found my mouth overstuffed.  One of the times, Shlomo had to wait [im]patiently by the bed, because I just hadn’t finished chewing.

And then finally, after I asked for no more cake (please!) Yitzchak put the cake on top of the fridge, and the game of flying oversized pieces of cake into my mouth ended, much to Shlomo’s dismay.

It certainly was cute while it lasted, but my mouth was too tired and I had eaten more pieces of chocolate cake in one sitting (laying?) than I had wanted.