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Battery – Flipped?

cell pjhone batteries, batteries, replacement batteries, cell phones, chargers, phonesCall me dumb, but when I need a few minutes, I take them any way I can.  Okay, so not any way . . .

One of my neighbors (H.) needed an emergency babysitting favor, so I did it.  Her baby is 8.5 months old, and was not at all happy to be left in the house of someone who she only knew as an acquaintance, without her mommy.  She cried when I held her, she cried when I didn’t.  She cried when she sat on my lap and when I put her over my shoulder.  In short, it was one tough hour.

And then, after she was picked up, Shlomo wanted me to do something that he refused to explain.  Turn the toy on?  No.  Turn it off?  No.  Play with it?  No.

So I gave him my cell phone for a few minutes so that I could de-stress.  It had had a low battery, so when I looked for it a few minutes later, after Shlomo had started playing with something else, I wasn’t surprised that it was off.  Of course, the natural thing to do is to charge it – right?

The back was off, which was no surprise, because it doesn’t fit quite right, so I put it back on, and plugged in the phone.  Nothing.  No picture of a battery filling and emptying and filling again on the black screen.  I try to turn the phone on.  Nothing.  So I figure that I have to push the battery down a bit (the guy who fixed it had to fiddle around with the battery and change it a bit, because for some reason this battery isn’t the one the phone needs to be using).

You know what I find?  The battery is in upside-down and backwards.  Yes, you read right: The battery was in upside down, and backwards.  Or maybe just upside down.  Either way, the spot with the stripes that is supposed to meet the gold spikes was facing up, not down.  And yes, I’m pretty sure it was on the right side instead of the left.

Do you know what that means?  It means that Shlomo took the battery out (or the battery fell out) and then he put it back in.  Which, of course, is hilarious.

It took me about a minute and a half to finally get the battery out of where he’d stuck it, and then I plugged it in and saw the battery-charging picture.  I guess the phone isn’t too much worse for the wear . . .