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graco travel system, travel system, stroller, carseat, graco stroller, graco carseatWe have gone on a few stroller-less outings before, most of them extremely short.  And, when we traveled for Shabbat, we decided to skip the stroller, too: We had a short bus ride, a short walk, and then we would be in a minibus until we reached our destination.  After Shabbat, it would be the same, just in reverse.  Since we were bringing a carseat for the minibus, it added a lot of weight.  Maybe it would have been easier to bring a stroller, since we could put the carseat on it, and put stuff under it.  But, on the other hand, a stroller just adds bulk and one more thing to carry.

Even though I was skeptical, I didn’t regret the decision, except for during about forty-five minutes (maybe an hour) when we had trouble with the minibus, and the company had to send another one – at night, after an adventure-filled (for a toddler) Shabbat, with a tired, cranky, overstimulated toddler, who was also a bit hungry.  We made it, though.  I changed him into pajamas in a bus shelter, we read a book, and we gave him a bit of food.  And we held him.  A lot.  But, then the minibus came, and life got easier.

That was the only time, during the whole 36-hour trip, that I regretted not bringing a stroller.

Today we took another stroller-less outing.  It was supposed to be a short bus ride, cross the street, do some stuff at the bank, cross the street again, pick up a few items in the store, get on a [light-rail] train (buses only go in one direction on that part of the street), get on a bus, arrive home.  The bank machines were not working, though, so we got on the train and went down to a different bank.  And since Yitzchak was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle Shlomo on such a long trip without a stroller, he met us and accompanied us partway, and went to the store instead of me.  So Shlomo and I went to the bank and went home.

I often don’t realize how much taking a stroller (or maybe taking a heavy stroller) makes me not want to go out.  When I left the stroller, though, and took the kid – by myself – it was amazingly refreshing.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t want another one, though; carrying a baby in a sling and holding a toddler’s hand is also stroller-less, at least for a few months.  (In addition, it is also one of my ideas of bliss.  Yes, I’m crazy.  I know.  You are far from the first person to think that.)

But seriously?  Toddler + stroller = super heavy.  Infant + stroller = somewhat heavy.  I think the toddler can walk short distances, thanks very much.