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How Did Arafat REALLY Die?

I hate to think that this blog is becoming more politics than anything else, but I just can’t resist writing this post.

How did Arafat really die?  Let’s see:

Maybe he died from polonium poisoning, but even if he did, polonium’s half life is way too short(i.e., 183 days) for anyone to prove it now.  So any polonium discovered was placed there in the past two years – i.e., long after the guy died.  Go ahead and blame us, but you can’t prove we did it through polonium.  And if you try to, you just sound dumb.

– Arafat was a world-class terrorist, just like Bin Ladin.  Umm, what’s wrong with killing terrorists?  And what’s the difference between Arafat and Bin Ladin?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

– It’s nice to have someone to blame, especially if that someone is a Jew.

– Muslims consider AIDS to be a stain on a person’s name that cannot be obliterated or tolerated.

– Israel was not the only country who wanted Arafat dead.

Now, it could very well be that Arafat was poisoned.  But, his family refused to have an autopsy done, so we’ll never know.  Maybe he was poisoned, maybe not.  Even if he was, we don’t know who did it, or how they did it.  All we know is why they did it – because he’s a wanted terrorist.  And that checking his remains in November 2012 isn’t all that helpful.

This evening Yitzchak showed me a hilarious – and incredibly sick and sad piece of news.  It’s been confirmed that Arafat died . . . guess how?






He had AIDS.

Surprising, ain’t it?