. . . And The Government Is Stupid

Closing off Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem does exactly what these Muslim extremists want: It divides the city in two. This is the first step towards a divided Jerusalem, and it’s the real reason for the attacks on the light rail. The light rail helps to unite the city, and make transportation between all parts of the city easier – and safer. But this isn’t what these terrorists want. They want to drive us out.

And a divided Jerusalem is a step in that direction.

Besides for that, closing off the Arab neighborhoods of the city:

1. Doesn’t help the security situation that much, since there are roads to other areas of Jerusalem, and Arab villages only a few minutes’ drive away.

2. Ties up security personnel who could be put to better use somewhere else, preventing attacks.

3. Puts those security personnel in even more danger than they would be guarding the Old City.

In other words, stupid idea. And the worst part?

It’s just another band-aid, that will pretend to work until it falls off, and we discover that *nothing* has healed underneath. Band-aids don’t work when you need a surgery. And they don’t usually work on the cuts from surgery, either. But they do provide an illusion that all is okay.

And that illusion is probably one of the most dangerous aspects of this situation.

Here’s some proof (thanks, Janglo!) that the government is just not doing their job properly:

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This is what we – my family, friends, and I – are living with. Every. Single. Day.

And then Kerry has the audacity to blame this terror wave on us – because we live in “settlements” in our own country, these “Palestinians” are allowed to murder us. Oh, but he didn’t really mean it that way. He just . . . kind of did mean it that way. How else can his words be interpreted?

And Obama – well, he can’t even blame these “Palestinians” for their own actions. G-d forbid they should be responsible for their own actions.

Please, Kerry – and Obama – just stay away from here. We don’t need you. We have enough on our heads. All you’ll do is cause more trouble. And hey, UN? You stay away, too. Just because Abbas wants your help, doesn’t mean that we do. We know that you’ll cause more insecurity, and more danger, to our citizens. We don’t want your “security forces” patrolling Jerusalem, aiding and abetting terrorists, and murdering Jews.

I guess all that matters in the end is that the world accepts Abbas’ words as truth. As the Bible of Moshe from Sinai. If he says that the “child” terrorist was “executed” (when was the last time Israel “executed” any terrorist?), it must be true. Even if that poor “child” is receiving excellent medical care – on Israel’s bill of course – and is set to be released from the hospital in a day or two. Even after that “child” and his 15 year old friend tried to murder innocent civilians – among them a 13 year old boy, whose only sin was riding his bicycle.

And wow, Lapid said something smart for a change! Moshiach (the Messiah) may be on his way, after all!

IDF: Don’t Sleep On Buses

When I first came to Israel as a gap year student, we used to joke that the last row of seats on an intercity bus was the “soldiers’ seat”. Anyone who sat there was basically asking for a soldier to flirt with her.

[Note: there are female soldiers, too. So it’s not *definite* that a girl sitting there was asking a guy soldier out. But we were 19 year old girls. This was how we joked. Or how my friends joked, rather.

I digress.]

This last row of four seats was called the soldiers’ seat, because most of the time, you could find a sleeping soldier lying over all four seats. Even if the bus was crowded, and someone wanted those seats, no one would wake the soldier up. He’s in the army, poor guy. He’s been doing exercises and getting up at 4 in the morning the whole three weeks. Now he’s on Shabbat leave to see his family, let him sleep.

[Note: I traveled on Thursday afternoons and right after Shabbat. Same as the soldiers. The rest of the time, I was in my program. And they were on their army bases. Students and soldiers have similar schedules. Kind of.]

As I grew up a bit, I continued seeing soldiers sleeping on the back bench of a bus, but less often. Nowadays, you see them taking up two seats on the side of the bus, or sometimes just sleeping like the rest of us – with their head leaning on the window or their bag.

Cute kids. Good kids. Poor soldiers? I guess. But mostly, they’re cute kids. I like soldiers. Just out of high school, full of life, smiling, with dreams for the future. Not quite sure who they are, or what they want. Still figuring out what the world is and where they fit. Some of them are further along, and have matured. Some are dating. The more mature ones are recently married.

There are the career soldiers. Also nice. I admire them more. But they’re less cute, probably because they’re not kids. Ah. And the career soldiers sleep less on buses. Maybe because they have cars of their own?

And now the IDF wants to change this. They don’t want to lose soldiers. The security situation is bad, and getting worse. Who knows when it will get better? So they’ve changed the rules: Don’t sleep on buses. It’s not safe. They’re adding other instructions, too.

But I think one of the saddest, most poignant changes is that soldiers – cute, ignorant, innocent, immature kids just out of high school – are no longer allowed to sleep on buses. Because it’s just not safe.

Will You Marry Me?

You can’t really hear too well, but here, a police officer who is on duty in the Old City proposes to his [officer] girlfriend. He called her to the Kotel (Western Wall) for a few minutes and then, surrounded by his buddies, pulled out a ring.

The best part is how the buddies celebrate afterwards. You can hear them singing – typical Israeli wedding songs.

The video gives you 59 seconds of normalcy. They’ve forgotten – sort of – where they are, why they’re there, and what they’re doing. Sort of. Not entirely.

And hey, they’re just cute.

You can tell they’re a couple from the beginning of the video. When they meet up by the Kotel, they hug. Um. PDA.

Do You Like Being Scared?

Over on another blog (a few days ago), there was a post about Halloween scary. Do you like being scared?

Do you like scary movies?

I’m not going to link, because I really have nothing against the blog owner – I actually kind of admire her, even if I disagree about many things (like gay rights, and the post that she published that showed how “Palestinians” are being mistreated).

But I got mad at the subject. Okay, it’s not her fault. Why should she think to herself that “scary” means something serious to someone who lives so far away? On the other hand, maybe she should – she’s a mother, and has had her share of life difficulties. But okay, she’s never lived in the shadow of anti-Semitism. Fine. Let it go.

I did write a comment (after which the post was no longer displayed on the site, but still accessible through the link – weird). And I think that my comment deserves its own post. So here it is.

I admit. I was pissed. The post got me annoyed. The subject got me annoyed. The absolute lack of any real understanding of what he word “scary” means, got me annoyed. And it shows in my comment. A comment that I think says a lot.

Because before I post, I think. I check. I research. I rephrase. I wonder. I rethink. I don’t always post raw emotion. In fact, I hardly ever post raw emotion – most of those posts are sitting as drafts in my WordPress dashboard.

So here, take it or leave it: What I think of “scary” Halloween:

No, I don’t like being scared.

And I don’t think that scary movies are truly scary. You allow yourself to be pulled in and forget that it’s just a movie, and at the end of the night you will go home to see your family – and NOTHING will happen to you or anyone else in the theater.

Being scared means being afraid to go to the mall because yesterday a Muslim lunged at civilians with a knife.

Being scared means being scared to go to the Old City in Jerusalem, because almost every day, someone is stabbed over there.

Being scared means being afraid to go visit the mourning family of your murdered friend, because who knows, maybe there are more terrorists waiting to shoot innocent civilians on that same road.

It means being scared that because the government decided to open the safe Israeli roads to PA Arabs, those roads are no longer safe – but you have no choice, they are the only roads you can take (and it is because those roads were open to help PA Arabs that this shooting incident occurred).

It means knowing that no one in the entire world cares about you – all that matters is that the “Poor Palestinians” should be able to kill people and run away with their lives and freedom. And BBC is a good example. Poor “Palestinian” – shot after he stabbed someone. Poor “Palestinian” – killed after he killed two civilians. Oh, poor guy.

It means knowing that jail is a farce. In jail these terrorists will receive visitors and see their families, they will get a degree – free, paid for by our taxes – and a salary; their families will live well and will also get nice sums of money. And when these terrorists are freed – in the next US-forced deal – they will be received with the highest honors and go back to killing Israeli citizens.

Sorry. but “Halloween scary” is a farce.

Today’s Terror And Things I’ve Overlooked

Two days ago, a rock was thrown at a mother and daughter who were driving. The 16 month old baby and 32 year old mother were lightly injured and fully conscious, but still needed to be taken to the hospital. The terrorist was apprehended.

An Arab couple in Gaza named their baby after the stabber who killed Nechemia Lavi and Aharon Banita, HY”D, and injured Banita’s wife and a toddler in the Old City. Lavi was not initially at the site of the attack; he went down with his gun to help the victims, and was killed in the attempt. If naming your baby after such a murderer isn’t sick, I don’t know what is. Obviously, the baby isn’t at fault – but maybe the parents should be arrested for planning and perpetuating terror, and the baby given to a more moderate, childless, Arab couple.

Later that same night, after Lavi and Banita, HY”D, were murdered, there was another stabbing attack in the vicinity. The 15-year-old Jewish victim was just released from the hospital’ the stabber was an Arab teen terrorist.

As if the Baga”tz will do it if we don’t force them to: Bibi told the High Court (Baga”tz) to close the shops of all those who laughed at and mocked terror victim Adelle Banita, instead of helping her when she ran from the terrorist who had killed her husband, with her children in tow and a knife still stuck in her shoulder.

At least this is good news: MK Slomiansky is demanding that the security forces have a free hand to do what they need to do, and full support from the government. Of course, this demand isn’t new – but at least someone has the guts to speak up.

This hits too close to home for comfort: A PA Arab tried to enter Be’er Sheva’s Tax Authortiy building, but was arrested after a knife was found on his body. Suspicions were initially raised when he efused to identify himself to the security guard. He wasn’t a Bedouin, that’s true. But what does that help us if PA Arabs can get to Be’er Sheva?

Abbas – oh, Abbas. Apparently, Islamic Jihad and Hamas aren’t doing enough to achieve “Palestinian independence”; he calls on them to join the PLO – and asks the U.N. to apply the Fourth Geneva Conventions to Israel. I find it interesting that these “Palestinians” are not bound by Oslo or the Geneva Conventions, but that they expect us to be. Indeed, we do follow the Geneva Conventions with regards to POW’s, but that does not mean that we need to give terrorists control of all of Judea and Samaria.

The city of Jerusalem has apparently had enough; one of the newest measures is to put metal detectors in and around the Old City.

Proof that the “Palestinians” are no more than animals: Not only did they deface Naama Henkin’s, HY”D, website (which was later fixed by Israeli cyber workers), but they are posting photos of the murdered couple next to smiling Arab faces on social media. They are celebrating this “heroic” murder that left four orphans as a “joyous event”. And between you and me, it’s not really heroic to trap a car and shoot the occupants point-blank. It’s just murder. If they wanted to be heroic, they should’ve at least allowed the Henkins to put up a fight.

And while we’re on the subject of the Henkins: Their eldest, 9 years old, told the paramedic who brought them to Itamar from the scene of the attack, “They murdered my parents.” You can only guess what he saw and what trauma he will forever have from this horrific experience.

The Henkins’ four year old was reading a book with his grandmother about a baby kangaroo that was sad and jumped into its mother’s pouch. He asked his grandmother, “What happens to the baby kangaroo if its mother is killed?” And remember how I was wondering why the terrorists had left after “only” killing the parents? It turns out that they didn’t have a choice: One terrorist accidentally shot his buddy in the hand, and since they didn’t want to be caught, they had to drop their guns (literally) and run. Security forces have now found both guns – a good thing, I suppose.

But enough of this. It’s now 6pm on Thursday, October 8. Would you like a list of *today’s* terror attacks?

Here goes:

  1. Terrorists threw rocks at a bus near Haifa. No one was hurt, but the bus was damaged.
  2. Terrorists threw rocks at cars in the Hevron Hills. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.
  3. Masked terrorists set tires on fire near Beit El. The IDF fought to take control over the situation.
  4. Terrorists threw rocks at vehicles near Carmei Tzur; the IDF used riot dispersion techniques to take control of the situation.
  5. Terrorists threw rocks at a car near Afula, on Road 60. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.
  6. Two Jews, a soldier and a student, were injured in a stabbing attack near Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem. The student was seriously injured; the soldier was lightly injured.
  7. A 15-year-old Arab youth threw rocks at a police officer in Jerusalem.
  8. Arab terrorists threw rocks at a civil administration car near Hevron.
  9. An Arab terrorist hurled a glass bottle at a pedestrian in Jerusalem.
  10. Four Jews were injured in a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv; the Arab terrorist who attacked them was killed. The terrorist who perpetrated the attack worked at a construction site in Tel Aviv.
  11. A 25-year-old Jewish man was injured when an Arab terrorist stabbed him in Kiryat Arba.
  12. A soldier was lightly injured in a rock attack, perpetrated by an Arab terrorist, near the town of Neve Tzuf.
  13. Arab rioters attacked Jewish worshipers near Rachel’s Tomb; soldiers used riot dispersion techniques to deal with the rioters. By miracle, no one was hurt and no damage was caused.
  14. Terrorists threw rocks at a bus in the Hevron Hills; no one was hurt, but the bus was damaged. G-d save us all.

Hopefully, there will be *no more* to follow. But the day is still young, so who knows.

Update at 11pm:

15. An Arab terrorist fired an air rifle at Kiryat Arba residents; one of whom fired back a warning shot.
16. A Molotov cocktail was thrown by an Arab terrorist at a civilian vehicle near Beit El.
17. Two people were wounded by an Arab terrorist in a stabbing attack in Afula.

And it’s really no wonder that things are escalating, since Abbas and the PLO are shamelessly, publicly, announcing that killing Jews is a national duty. Antisemitism, genocide, anyone?

A Record? 22 Terror Attacks In One Day

Yesterday was a busy day. Busy for the terrorists, busy for the hospitals, and busy for the defense forces. Here is a list of Arab terror attacks from yesterday. All of them are from yesterday. I think we broke a record, and I hope that we never again come close to this number, or surpass it.

Before we start, I want to make one thing clear: These “rocks” are more like “boulders.” They are not pebbles. Remember David and Goliath? David killed Goliath with a rock the size of a marble. The rocks in these situations are much bigger, ranging from softball sized to the size of a cantaloupe.

These are not little rocks, and they are weapons like any other.

Okay, now for the list. Ready? I am going in chronological order, from morning to night.

1. Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at vehicles on Route 6. By miracle, no one was hurt and no damage was caused.

2. Rocks were thrown at a Jewish woman as she travled in her car. After throwing the rocks, the Arab mob opened the car doors, kicked her, and tried to wrest her from the car. Thankfully, they didn’t manage. The woman was lightly injured, but still required hospitalization.

3. A female terrorist stabbed two people near Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. Thankfully, she was shot and seriously wounded before she could cause any further harm.

3a. During this same incident, another driver tells how he was almost killed by the same Arabs hurling cinder blocks at him. Remember, when rocks are thrown at moving vehicles, more than one vehicle is in danger.

4. An Arab stabbed a soldier in Kiryat Gat and attempted to steal the soldier’s gun. Luckily the soldier was quick-thinking and fast-moving, and although he himself was lightly injured, he managed to kill the terrorist.

4a. Actually, that’s not what happened – it’s what we thought had happened at first. What really happened is that the terrorist grabbed the gun and ran into a residential building. A kid saw an armed Arab, saw said Arab run into their building, locked their door, and told his father. At first his father didn’t believe him, but he came to the door just in time to see the Arab pass by their peephole. They immediately barricaded the door and alerted the police, who arrived at the spot and managed to kill the terrorist before any further harm had been done. Kudos to the kid, and to the police.

However, a neighbor of theirs was accosted by this terrorist just outside her front door, as the terrorist tried to force his way into her apartment. She took the conflict into the stairwell, and one of the other residents kept her and her mother safe until the border police came. As it turns out, the gun didn’t have a magazine.

5. A riot near Beit El turned dangerous, and the soldiers, who were there to keep security and calm, found themselves being attacked with rocks. They managed to shoot two of the Arabs who had turned violent, and calm was restored.

6. Arab terrorist hurled rocks at a car near Moshav Carmel, and threw flaming tires into the road, in a double attempt to injure civilians. By miracle, no one was hurt, but the car’s windshield was shattered.

7. Arab terrorists threw rocks at cars near Beit Omer. Again, by miracle, no one was hurt in the attack.

8. An Arab terrorist attacked a security officer at my favorite hospital – Hadassah Ein Karem in Jerusalem. The terrorist was apprehended. (Okay, I’m not a fan of hospitals. But I sure would like to have every future baby at Ein Karem, where I had Shlomo.)

9. An Arab terrorist threw rocks at the security team near Shavei Shomron. The IDF chased down the terrorist and arrested him; during a search of his body, they found that the terrorist had also been carrying a knife.

10. Arab terrorists threw rocks at security forces in Jerusalem (near the Old City . . . I wonder why there were security forces there – perhaps because there have been almost daily stabbings in the area?), wounding an officer in his head. The security forces chased down the terrorists and arrested two of them.

11. Arab terrorists threw rocks at border guards near an IDF base in the Binyamin region, wounding an officer in his face. The officer required medical treatment, and the IDF had to work to disperse the rioters.

12. Rocks were thrown at a bus near Beit Omer. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.

13. A fire in a Jerusalem store was apparently caused by arson. The flames were quickly extinguished and police are investigating the incident.

14. An Arab terrorist from Hevron stabbed a civilian in a Petach Tikva mall. Other shoppers got control of the terrorist and disarmed him. The victim suffered wounds to his chest and it is a miracle that he is still alive.

15. Unknown (and therefore – still free) Arab terrorists threw rocks at vehicles driving near Chavat Gilad. No one was hurt and no damage was caused, thanks be to G-d who protects us.

16. Arab terrorists threw firebombs in an arson attempt near Haifa. They were arrested. This was an arson attempt, for some weird reason, at an Arab city, but remember please that the firefighters would have been Jewish, and therefore in danger – and in addition, it is that many firefighting forces and security forces that would have been tied up an unable to respond elsewhere. In addition, fires spread – remember the Carmel forest fire in 2010?

17. An Arab driver attempted to run over Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near Maale Adumum. Soldiers shot and neutralized the terrorist driver. No Israeli civilians were hurt,but two soldiers were lightly injured and were taken to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital for treatment.

18. Two terrorists threw rocks at a bus in the city of Yaffo. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the bus was damaged. The terrorists were arrested, hopefully NOT to be released in the next U.S.-forced deal.

19. Arab terrorists threw Molotov cocktails at a house in Beitar Illit. Nobody was hurt, but the bars on the window of the children’s room were damaged.

20. Arab terrorists threw rocks at a bus near the Hizme checkpoint. By the grace of G-d, nobody was hurt and no damage was caused.

21. Arab terrorists threw rocks at a bus in Natzrat Ilit. Thank G-d, nobody was hurt, but the bus was damaged.

22. Arab terrorists threw rocks at a vehicle near Neve Tzuf. Thank G-d, nobody was hurt and no damage was caused.

When I started this post, I thought there had been ten attacks only. As it turns out, the true number is more than double that I had thought – and I had also thought that ten made sense, but I might have accidentally counted one of the attacks twice.

Truth to tell, this is probably one of the most boring posts I’ve had to write. I mean, how many times can you write, “Terrorists threw rocks at a car,” or “Terrorists threw rocks at security forces,” before it gets boring? All that changes is the location, damage, and number of injured.

If you notice, a good number of these attacks are against security forces. Given that security forces of any country, are, in a sense, more “legitimate” targets (they are soldiers or policemen, not regular civilians), I’d like to divide this list into two sections: Attacks against security forces, and attacks against civilians. (This, by the way, is reason number one why I don’t want Yitzchak in uniform.)

Attacks against security forces: 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17

Attacks against civlians: 1, 2, 3, 3a, 4a, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

So let’s see: 7 attacks against security forces. And 17 attacks against civilians. In one day.

There were also some attacks that were thwarted:

– An Arab youth pulled out a knife in an attempt to harm border police, but the officers overwhelmed him and took away the knife.

– The family of a terrorist who is being treated in an Israeli hospital started to fight with the police. The police quickly took control of the situation. Sigh. If they’re not interested in respecting hospital regulations, then maybe we shouldn’t be treating terrorists anymore?

On the flip side, a Jewish youth threw rocks at an Arab vehicle. He was, of course, arrested. But can you honestly blame him? It’s not our way to hurt civilians. We are not that kind of nation. But after so many terror attacks – 22 in one day, and countless others within the past month – I think maybe we can cut this Jewish kid some slack. He’s mad, yes. He crossed a red line, definitely. But I totally get why. His friends and family are being killed – right, left, and center.

And the worst part? The international community will take this *one* Jewish rock thrower and concentrate *only* on him, while ignoring the other *22* attacks that were perpetrated yesterday – all of them by Arab terrorists.

Which, of course, is Reason Number Two that Jews should not attack Arab civilians – the international community chooses to pick on us instead of concentrating on the real problem of Islamic terrorists. (Reason Number One, of course, is that it is not our way – we are not low murderers and we do not attack civilians.)

The State Department Makes Me Puke

Here’s what they have to say about last night’s murder – which, by the way, left four orphans.

“We extend our condolences to the victims’ family. We urge all sides to maintain calm, avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this tragedy, and work together to bring the perpetrators to justice,”

Yeah. Seriously.

The murder is *because* of the escalation. There were *four* terror attacks yesterday.

“You hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.” Maybe, but you also see no reason for us to step up our tactics to prevent future attacks. All that’s important to you is the plight of these poor “Palestinian” murderers.

Oh, and by the way? The cliche, standard, automatic response is REALLY not appropriate here.

My friend and her husband were killed. There are now four orphans – orphans who watched their parents’ murder.

And all you can say is, “Please don’t hurt the poor ‘Palestinians’ who teach, encourage, incite, and perpetuate this kind of cold-blooded murder, this kind of violence, this kind of genocide, this kind of cruelty.

Please. It’s not their fault that they are murderers and teach their children to be murderers. Please, be nice to them . . . even if it means allowing them to kill parents in front of their children, even if it means killing innocent children in cold blood.”

Shut up and go to Azazel.

May G-d avenge the blood of all those murdered in terror attacks. And may all the terrorists be blinded and misled, and start killing each other until there are none of their kind left.

Amen, selah.

How Many Murders Are Enough?

Today there have been four – four – terror attacks.

Stones were thrown this morning. A mother and baby were lightly injured. Thankfully, they didn’t need to be hospitalized.

A terrorist tried to run into a bus, and when the bus stopped, to shoot the passengers. It didn’t work, so he attacked an army tank as second-best.

Then there was a shooting attack. A young couple in their thirties was murdered, while their four kids – aged 9, 7, 4, and 10.5 months – watched from the back seat. As it happens, I am acquainted with the mother.

And then there were more stones thrown, near Shiloh, causing a car to overturn.

On the first day of Sukkot, we were with my cousins in Jerusalem. My cousin’s husband suggested that we all walk down to the Kotel (the Western Wall), about a 40 minute walk (although, with nine kids between us, it probably would have taken double that time). Yitzchak politely declined. Because we’re chicken. But apparently, we’re chicken for good reason – a father and his children were harassed that morning. Because there were video cameras, the Muslims didn’t actually harm the Jews. Luckily.

Remember Chaya Zissel Braun and Shalhevet Pass? The trend is back. Muslims have no qualms about kicking babies in strollers. Of course, if the parents were to defend their babies, and hurt the offenders, then the parents would be in jail and the Muslim terrorist would get millions of dollars in damages.

And then there were the Gush Etzion fires. Arsons.

I feel like every day, there are multiple attacks. And yet, the world is silent.

Dang the world! Damn the world! To Azazel with the entire world!

Why can’t OUR GOVERNMENT get the guts to defend us?

Terrorists need to be shot on the spot. Their families need to be stripped of their citizenship and deported with two hours’ warning.

And any leftists who are gung-ho to help them out can hop on a flight to Iraq and join the deportees.

No, I’m not Muslim. So I won’t say “Death to the Muslims!” like they say “Death to the Jews!”

But if they hate it here so much – let them leave.

If they can’t let us live in peace and security – they don’t belong here.

Neither do the infiltrators, by the way. (And these infiltrators also claim “refugee” status, even when it is blatantly unjustified.)

It is surreal, unjust, irresponsible, to have places in Israel that are Judenrein, and terror, harrassment, and murder in so many other places – in Israel.

If you do not believe that Israel should exist as a Jewish state. Leave. Like, now.

אשרי שישלם לך את גמולך שגמלת לנו. אשרי שיאחז וניפץ את עוללייך על הסלע.

וה’, שפוך חמתך על הגויים אשר לא ידעוך ועל הממלכות אשר בשמך לא קראו, כי אכל את יעקב ואת נוהו השמו.

די, נו, באמת. מספיק כבר.

Tel Aviv is One of the Most Expensive Cities

So, Tel Aviv ranked as the 22nd most expensive city worldwide, and the most expensive city in the Middle East.

Honestly, neither of those facts surprise me. It’s known to be an expensive place to live, even more so than Jerusalem. But let’s look at the opening sentence, which has two parts.

  1. Tel Aviv is the world’s 22nd most expensive city. That means that 21 cities are more expensive. And hundreds of thousands are less expensive. Okay. Makes sense, at least kind of.
  2. Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in the Middle East. You can look at this in two ways. First, Tel Aviv is an expensive city to live in. Second, other cities in the Middle East are inexpensive to live in.

Tel Aviv is a bustling, modern city. It has hospitals, a long strip of beaches, malls, and an international airport (which actually belongs to Lod, but whatever). It’s full of markets, museums, and tourist attractions. It’s a port city, and it’s an old city, too. All of these factors added up mean that no matter how small or old your apartment is, the land that it’s sitting on costs a fortune.

So yes, it makes sense that Tel Aviv is expensive. So is New York. Fine.

The other side of the coin is that most of the Middle Eastern countries are still considered to be developing economies. Many of the governments are corrupt, and the lay people are poor. Between civil wars and terror groups fighting for power, it’s no surprise that less funds, jobs, and social benefits are available for the citizens.

That means that Israel (and I would put Jordan, too, and until recently, Egypt) is one of the most stable and developed countries in the Middle East. So, it’s no surprise that Israel’s most expensive city should be the region’s most expensive city. Is that something to be proud of? I think not. But, our economy definitely is.

And while we’re on the topic of how great Israel is – several of Israel’s hospitals ranked high on the global list. We’re talking about a list of the top 12,000 hospitals in the world. In this tiny country, 32 hospitals made the list; the highest ranking of them being #103 in the world. That’s pretty good, and I’m proud of it.