Why I Call Them Alphabets

It used to be LGB.

Then it became LGBT.

A few months ago, I saw they had added a letter – now it’s LGBTQ.

And yesterday I saw someone add another letter. So it’s LGBTQI.

And I have no idea how many more letters they’ll add. But I am pretty sure they will keep adding letters until they can’t think of any more letters to add.

Lesbians – most lesbians have the capacity to be bi. Or in other words, most lesbians choose to identify as lesbian, instead of choosing to live a normal, happy life. In fact, there are those who say that all women are bi. Hm.

Gays – The vast majority of gays are also bi. Meaning, they could marry a woman and lead a happy and fulfilling life. There are a few who are truly homosexual, and most of those are severely miswired and belong squarely in the DSM.

Bi – If you are bi, you have a choice. A real, true, choice. Just because you are attracted to both sexes, doesn’t mean that you NEED to show that to the world, or have partners of both genders. It means you can choose who to sleep with. It means you can choose to either identify as normal and lead a normal, happy life. Or you can choose to rebel and decide that you’re better off with the “gay” community. But it’s a choice. And in fact, there are those who can prove that all of humanity is bi. Which means that bi=bunk.

Trans – No one chooses to be trans. The trans community joined the LGB community because that was the only way they’d be recognized and the only hope they had of being accepted. Even today, the trans community is bullied. I would much rather have a trans woman in the public bathroom, than have a lesbian woman in there. But no – the media is bullying the trans crowd,  not the homosexual crowd. Why? A true trans knows that they are trans from childhood. They suffer from childhood. Let’s give them some slack. They are rare (thank G-d) but they are real and deserve support and sympathy.

Queer – Okay, queer just means that you don’t feel like identifying as anything. Most queers are either bi or lesbian. Therefore, they really don’t deserve their own letter. Nuff said.

Intersex – Like trans, intersex people are born that way. It used to be that the hospital staff would choose the sex right after birth, often based on the child’s DNA, and remove the excess parts. That often didn’t work, and the child ended up being homosexual and confused. So what needs to be done is to let the child grow and self-identify. And when they are sure of their gender, remove the extra parts. No reason to leave them intersex until adulthood. And no reason to use their problems to bolster your own ego and make your voice louder.

Since the LGBT movement has started making noise, the numbers have grown exponentially – much more than it would logically be if people were “coming out” or “born that way”. It’s a way to get attention, it’s a way to be unique, and it’s a way to make noise. And the best part? It feels like you’re fighting for a worthy cause. And so, people who would otherwise be straight and happy, decided to join the LGBT crowd.

Let’s stop adding letters and stop making noise.


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