What I Think of The Alphabets

First of all, I don’t have anything against alphabets.

But I do think that they have something against us. Or maybe just against society in general.

Listen, society has rules. Set rules. We try to make them moral rules.

Being an alphabet isn’t moral – historically, ethically, religiously (any religion). And as much as they’d like for us to believe otherwise, historically, homosexual relationships were almost always pedophile relationships – an older man with a younger, apprentice/ servant/ student boy.

Not only that, but really, the only reason why LGBT was taken out of the DSM was because someone forked over a lot of money in bribes, and smeared it with a heavy layer of guilt and shame.

Honestly, I have no hatred, or any real ill feelings, towards the alphabet. Nor do I have said feelings towards LGBTQ people.

But they are starting to piss me off.

The noise.

The shaming.

The anyone-who-doesn’t-make-me-feel-special-is-primitive-and-selfish.


Society has rules. You live your life, and I’ll live mine.

But if you break one of society’s rules, don’t expect us to make an exception for you.

You can have kids out of wedlock. Or you can have kids after marriage.

You can marry an opposite-gender person, or marry a same-gender person.

You can buy a house together. You can find a surrogate or sperm donor or whatever else you want.

But we don’t need to remake the rules so that they’re convenient for you.

You made a choice. Your choice has natural consequences.

My husband and I can’t choose who gets Mom’s tax points and who gets Dad’s. We can’t choose which parent’s work counts for a daycare credit. Why should you be able to choose those things?

If a heterosexual couple doesn’t pass muster and can’t adopt – they’ll get no support. Well, they weren’t fit. So they didn’t pass. Boo hoo.

But oy vey, if a homosexual couple is refused? They’ll take it to social media, do a few rounds of shaming, take it to the news and complain about how they were rejected because of sexual orientation.

And in the end, they’ll get what the want.

The same goes for jobs. For taxes. For whatever they want.


Why do alphabets have more rights than anyone else?

These are people who choose to call themselves “gay” because they wanted to prove that they’re happy. They’re not happy. They’re confused and conflicted people who are either seriously miswired, or are seriously confused.

They want attention. Lots of it. Live and let live isn’t good enough.

They need to make a stir. They need to make noise and get as much attention as possible.

What do you do when a kid is misbehaving in order to get attention?

What do you do when they are screaming in your ear when you’re on the phone?

You ignore them. And eventually, they stop bothering you, because it’s not working.

And you know what? If we ignore the LGBTQ noise, they’ll stop making the noise.

Today, it’s impossible to say anything that isn’t 1000% pro-LGBTQ without being called bigot, racist, mysoginist, hateful, closed-minded, whatever.

What happened to freedom of speech, for those of us who want to keep the family structure and moral values intact?

You live your life. And let us live ours.

You make your choices. And let us make ours – without telling us that our choices aren’t fair.

Listen, if your friend chose to divorce, there are going to be serious social repercussions. But guess what?

She chose that. It’s her choice. And she has to suffer the consequences.

Well, so do you.

I’m not saying marry someone you can’t stand. I’m not saying stay single.

I’m just saying, accept that fact that choices have outcomes, and that we can’t have it all. And stop asking us to change laws to make your choices more widespread, acceptable, and painless – because it’s hurting the rest of us.

So just stop.


Listen, Orlando wasn’t okay.

But it wasn’t okay because ISLAMIC TERRORISM IS NEVER OKAY.

Because killing innocent people IS NEVER OKAY. It doesn’t matter if they’re homo or hetero. As long as they haven’t endangered anyone but themselves – you may NOT kill them.

Let’s stop talking about the fact that the homo pervert who killed homos, killed homos in a homo club [that he had been frequenting for 3 years prior; and also that his first wife divorced him because he was homo].

And let’s start talking about the fact that he swore allegiance to ISIS, is a radical Muslim, and thinks that killing non-Muslims will get him into paradise.

Hm. Did you know that Allah gives 72 virgins to anyone who kills an infidel? This homo guy doesn’t want 72 female virgins. Will Allah give him 72 male virgins instead? Somehow, I don’t think so.


7 thoughts on “What I Think of The Alphabets

  1. Shaar HaGilgulim, Introduction [hakdamah] chapter 22:
    “He who has sexual intercourse with a man,
    he will be reincarnated as a rabbit or hare…”

    Arizal was Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, born 1534 CE, died 1572 CE.

    שער הגלגולים – הקדמה כב
    הבא על הזכר, יתגלגל בשפן או בארנבת


  2. Sefer HaMidot, chapter Niuf (part 2), paragraph 8:
    “It is forbidden to judge favorably [lilmode zechut]
    he who commits homosexuality.”

    Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was born in 1772 CE and died in 1810 CE.


  3. Sefer Charedim, chapter 63, page 219 of menukad edition:

    He who committed homosexuality, after he abandons his sin,
    [he] must immerse [in a kosher mikvah] and fast 233 times…

    And every morning and evening of the fasts, he should recite
    these Biblical verses: Lamentations, chapter 3, verse 20
    and Psalms chapter 31, verse 23…

    And after all these, he should be whipped and wear sackcloth
    and place dust on himself and weep more bitterly than someone
    whose only child died and lies before him…

    Also, the angels that are appointed to watch over that person,
    [they] distance themselves from him…

    Rabbi Eleazar ben Moshe Azkari (or Ezkari) was a popular
    preacher who lived in Safed (Israel) in the 1500s CE.
    His Sefer Charedim was published in Venice
    in 1601 CE, a year after his death.
    Several well-known piyutim (Jewish hymns)
    are attributed to him, including Yedid Nefesh.


  4. Midrash Rabah, Parshat Bereshit, Chapter 26, Paragraph 5:

    Rabbi Huna taught in the name of Rabbi Yosef:

    The Generation of the Flood* [Dor HaMabul] was not blotted out of the world
    until they made official marriage contracts between people of the same gender…

    CHRONOLOGY: Rabbi Huna was active around the year 270 of the Common Era.

    * NOTE: Noah and his family were the only survivors of that generation.


  5. Midrash Rabah, Parshat Bereshit, Chapter 26, end of Paragraph 5:

    Rabbi Yehoshua bar Levi taught in the name of Rabbi Padyeh:

    Lot [the nephew of Abraham] prayed all night for mercy
    for the people of Sodom, and his prayer was accepted.

    When they attempted to commit homosexuality,
    it was no longer possible to pray for them.


  6. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (born 1895 CE in Belarus, died 1986 CE in NYC) referred to homosexuality as: “one of the most disgusting and depraved of all sins” and “repulsive” and “a most severe sin against the Torah” and “this detestable wicked sin” and “a great embarrassment for the person and for his entire family” in his Sefer Igros Moshe, chelek Orach Chaim, volume 4, siman 115


  7. Mishnah, tractate Keritot, chapter 1, paragraph 1:

    There are 36 sins in the Torah for which the penalty includes cutting-off (karet):

    {1} He who commits sexual intercourse with his mother [incest]
    {2} or with his the wife of his father
    {3} or with his daughter-in-law
    {4} or with a man [homosexuality]…


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