Smart Move, Rami!

Rami Levy is smart. I’ve been wondering for years when stores are going to decide to take this step. And I’m wondering how fast everyone else – small stores included – are going to follow suit.

In the meantime, Rami is being smart, responsible, and I like his foresight.

Want to know what he did?

He took knives off the shelves. If you want to buy a knife, you need to go to the Customer Service counter and ask them. And if you want to enter one of the stores, you will have to pass stricter security measures. I admit that security guards aren’t always an option – or even realistic – for smaller stores. But definitely, wherever you *can* put a security guard, you *should* put a security guard.

It’s a bit unrealistic to insist on only selling bleach and kitchen knives to sane Jews. But we don’t need to make terrorists’ lives any easier.

P.S. – This guy happens to be a saint. Hidden saint, that is. My he see only blessings.

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