Today’s Terror And Things I’ve Overlooked

Two days ago, a rock was thrown at a mother and daughter who were driving. The 16 month old baby and 32 year old mother were lightly injured and fully conscious, but still needed to be taken to the hospital. The terrorist was apprehended.

An Arab couple in Gaza named their baby after the stabber who killed Nechemia Lavi and Aharon Banita, HY”D, and injured Banita’s wife and a toddler in the Old City. Lavi was not initially at the site of the attack; he went down with his gun to help the victims, and was killed in the attempt. If naming your baby after such a murderer isn’t sick, I don’t know what is. Obviously, the baby isn’t at fault – but maybe the parents should be arrested for planning and perpetuating terror, and the baby given to a more moderate, childless, Arab couple.

Later that same night, after Lavi and Banita, HY”D, were murdered, there was another stabbing attack in the vicinity. The 15-year-old Jewish victim was just released from the hospital’ the stabber was an Arab teen terrorist.

As if the Baga”tz will do it if we don’t force them to: Bibi told the High Court (Baga”tz) to close the shops of all those who laughed at and mocked terror victim Adelle Banita, instead of helping her when she ran from the terrorist who had killed her husband, with her children in tow and a knife still stuck in her shoulder.

At least this is good news: MK Slomiansky is demanding that the security forces have a free hand to do what they need to do, and full support from the government. Of course, this demand isn’t new – but at least someone has the guts to speak up.

This hits too close to home for comfort: A PA Arab tried to enter Be’er Sheva’s Tax Authortiy building, but was arrested after a knife was found on his body. Suspicions were initially raised when he efused to identify himself to the security guard. He wasn’t a Bedouin, that’s true. But what does that help us if PA Arabs can get to Be’er Sheva?

Abbas – oh, Abbas. Apparently, Islamic Jihad and Hamas aren’t doing enough to achieve “Palestinian independence”; he calls on them to join the PLO – and asks the U.N. to apply the Fourth Geneva Conventions to Israel. I find it interesting that these “Palestinians” are not bound by Oslo or the Geneva Conventions, but that they expect us to be. Indeed, we do follow the Geneva Conventions with regards to POW’s, but that does not mean that we need to give terrorists control of all of Judea and Samaria.

The city of Jerusalem has apparently had enough; one of the newest measures is to put metal detectors in and around the Old City.

Proof that the “Palestinians” are no more than animals: Not only did they deface Naama Henkin’s, HY”D, website (which was later fixed by Israeli cyber workers), but they are posting photos of the murdered couple next to smiling Arab faces on social media. They are celebrating this “heroic” murder that left four orphans as a “joyous event”. And between you and me, it’s not really heroic to trap a car and shoot the occupants point-blank. It’s just murder. If they wanted to be heroic, they should’ve at least allowed the Henkins to put up a fight.

And while we’re on the subject of the Henkins: Their eldest, 9 years old, told the paramedic who brought them to Itamar from the scene of the attack, “They murdered my parents.” You can only guess what he saw and what trauma he will forever have from this horrific experience.

The Henkins’ four year old was reading a book with his grandmother about a baby kangaroo that was sad and jumped into its mother’s pouch. He asked his grandmother, “What happens to the baby kangaroo if its mother is killed?” And remember how I was wondering why the terrorists had left after “only” killing the parents? It turns out that they didn’t have a choice: One terrorist accidentally shot his buddy in the hand, and since they didn’t want to be caught, they had to drop their guns (literally) and run. Security forces have now found both guns – a good thing, I suppose.

But enough of this. It’s now 6pm on Thursday, October 8. Would you like a list of *today’s* terror attacks?

Here goes:

  1. Terrorists threw rocks at a bus near Haifa. No one was hurt, but the bus was damaged.
  2. Terrorists threw rocks at cars in the Hevron Hills. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.
  3. Masked terrorists set tires on fire near Beit El. The IDF fought to take control over the situation.
  4. Terrorists threw rocks at vehicles near Carmei Tzur; the IDF used riot dispersion techniques to take control of the situation.
  5. Terrorists threw rocks at a car near Afula, on Road 60. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.
  6. Two Jews, a soldier and a student, were injured in a stabbing attack near Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem. The student was seriously injured; the soldier was lightly injured.
  7. A 15-year-old Arab youth threw rocks at a police officer in Jerusalem.
  8. Arab terrorists threw rocks at a civil administration car near Hevron.
  9. An Arab terrorist hurled a glass bottle at a pedestrian in Jerusalem.
  10. Four Jews were injured in a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv; the Arab terrorist who attacked them was killed. The terrorist who perpetrated the attack worked at a construction site in Tel Aviv.
  11. A 25-year-old Jewish man was injured when an Arab terrorist stabbed him in Kiryat Arba.
  12. A soldier was lightly injured in a rock attack, perpetrated by an Arab terrorist, near the town of Neve Tzuf.
  13. Arab rioters attacked Jewish worshipers near Rachel’s Tomb; soldiers used riot dispersion techniques to deal with the rioters. By miracle, no one was hurt and no damage was caused.
  14. Terrorists threw rocks at a bus in the Hevron Hills; no one was hurt, but the bus was damaged. G-d save us all.

Hopefully, there will be *no more* to follow. But the day is still young, so who knows.

Update at 11pm:

15. An Arab terrorist fired an air rifle at Kiryat Arba residents; one of whom fired back a warning shot.
16. A Molotov cocktail was thrown by an Arab terrorist at a civilian vehicle near Beit El.
17. Two people were wounded by an Arab terrorist in a stabbing attack in Afula.

And it’s really no wonder that things are escalating, since Abbas and the PLO are shamelessly, publicly, announcing that killing Jews is a national duty. Antisemitism, genocide, anyone?

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