The State Department Makes Me Puke

Here’s what they have to say about last night’s murder – which, by the way, left four orphans.

“We extend our condolences to the victims’ family. We urge all sides to maintain calm, avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this tragedy, and work together to bring the perpetrators to justice,”

Yeah. Seriously.

The murder is *because* of the escalation. There were *four* terror attacks yesterday.

“You hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.” Maybe, but you also see no reason for us to step up our tactics to prevent future attacks. All that’s important to you is the plight of these poor “Palestinian” murderers.

Oh, and by the way? The cliche, standard, automatic response is REALLY not appropriate here.

My friend and her husband were killed. There are now four orphans – orphans who watched their parents’ murder.

And all you can say is, “Please don’t hurt the poor ‘Palestinians’ who teach, encourage, incite, and perpetuate this kind of cold-blooded murder, this kind of violence, this kind of genocide, this kind of cruelty.

Please. It’s not their fault that they are murderers and teach their children to be murderers. Please, be nice to them . . . even if it means allowing them to kill parents in front of their children, even if it means killing innocent children in cold blood.”

Shut up and go to Azazel.

May G-d avenge the blood of all those murdered in terror attacks. And may all the terrorists be blinded and misled, and start killing each other until there are none of their kind left.

Amen, selah.

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