Arabs = Kidnappers

Yeah, you bet.

Israel is – if you take away terrorism – an incredibly safe country.

Kidnappings are done by insane family members, left in charge by stupidly trusting parents, or perhaps during a messy divorce.

Violent crime – except by infiltrators in Tel Aviv – is practically nonexistent (excepting terror, of course; but terror is not “regular violent crime”).

Thefts – usually not. Unless, of course, you live in South Tel Aviv, where infiltrators rule.

Murders – Again, maybe once a year. Half of those are crazy nutcase family members, and a quarter are money-related, and the other quarter are just crazy nutcases.


Apparently, Muslims don’t know, or don’t care, that we value peace and quiet. And apparently, not hitchhiking isn’t good enough anymore. Since people don’t trust these animals anymore, they have to actively find other ways to prey.

This incident, in which a child is nearly abducted while the mother puts the stroller into her car, sets a scary precedent.

Let me explain. In many, if not most, cities in Israel, you can let a seven-year-old walk freely, without worrying. If you’re not American born, you might even let a five-year-old go to the store by himself. And it’s not abuse or neglect. It’s simply that every child is everyone’s child.

I know that the bus driver cares about my son. I know that the lady in the store will worry about my baby if she cries. It’s a given. And that’s what makes this country so special.  Since I grew up in the U.S. and Canada, I can’t stomach leaving my kids to navigate by themselves; even when they are teens, I will probably insist on a buddy or two.  But that’s because kidnappings were ingrained into my being.

I’m not a native Israeli, so I have psychological issues with things that aren’t problematic here.  When I was growing up, children weren’t safe, anywhere, ever, unless they were in the presence of a known, trusted adult. Israel is different. Here, we are all brothers.

Well, all of us except the Muslim animals, who apparently don’t care about any morals or values.

It scares me to think that I will have to watch my kids constantly, more than I already do, petrified that some Arab maniac will try to snatch them.

It scares me more to think that if I had the guts, strength, or whatever, to break that Arab’s neck, I would land in jail, and he would walk free, to continue terrorizing Jewish families. And Yitzchak would be left to manage both kids by himself, because G-d forbid a Jew should stand up for himself or protect his family.

G-d save us all.

G-d give Israel strength to defend itself, to stand up for itself, to ignore the world’s pressure and do to the Arabs what Shaul should have done to Amalek.

G-d give Israel the strength to finish the job, to learn from Shaul’s mistake, and to not let any more animals run free and wild.

G-d protect Israel, and all her sons and daughters, from enemies within and without.

G-d grant the politicians half a brain, to do what it right and true, despite the fact that it is not easy and it is unpopular.



As a side note, I want to add that once, while I was walking back on Friday night with my aunt and uncle, in Jerusalem, I felt someone watching me. I looked around, and saw a Muslim man following me from the other side of the street. When I turned, he turned. When I stopped, he stopped. When I sped up, so did he.

I mentioned his existence to my uncle, who spotted the man and asked what he was up to. Of course, the guy denied anything, but when he was told to go – he went. Probably, because I wasn’t alone, and therefore wasn’t worth it.

This was scary, because Jerusalem is – or at least was, back then – an incredibly safe place to walk, even alone, even at night, even on a weekend night. To think that it might not be safe anymore is a scary thought.

But, in reality, Jerusalem hasn’t been safe for at least a year and a half. And it’s only getting worse.


About the title.

Maybe you’ll say I’m generalizing, and I probably am. But the fact is, these people-animals live around us. There are cities in Israel where no Jew can go, because it’s not safe. There are no cities in Israel where no Arab can go, because it’s not safe for him.

Hitchhiking is dangerous because the person you give a ride to, or take a ride from, might be a Muslim out to kidnap and kill you. There are countless examples. Google it.

Fighting a Muslim is dangerous, because he might kidnap or kill you.

And apparently, putting the stroller into the car is dangerous, because a Muslim might kidnap your kid.

Giving birth to a boy in Soroka is dangerous, because a Muslim mother might try to switch your boy for her girl. I kid you not. There is a reason the doctors and nurses in Soroka check the bracelets and diapers of every single baby, every five minutes. These things have happened, and still do.

When I say Muslims, Arabs, are kidnappers, I kid you not.

ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas – all of these kidnap children to use as child soldiers. Yes, sometimes they brainwash the children first. But at the end of the day, there are more than enough kidnappings.

I will end here, because I have work to do today, and if I keep on writing, I will be too worked up to do anything at all.

May G-d save us all.

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