Obama, You’re Really Chatzuf

First you get involved in our elections.  Then, you get mad that all your funds, representatives, and organizational tactics didn’t work – because we managed to outvote you.

You sign a deal that carries a great deal of immediate danger for the entire Middle East, yet, you do not live here in the Middle East, and Israel and most of our neighbors are against the deal.

You then allow Kerry to threaten Israel that if Congress vetoes the deal, it will be Israel’s fault, and Israel will suffer.  How, exactly, will it be Israel’s fault, and why should we suffer?

After that, Senators are put under pressure to support your decision, regardless of what they themselves think.  MoveOn, a federal committee, cuts funding to those senators opposed to the deal.

You insist on threatening the very basis of democracy, by not allowing Congress to veto the Iran deal, and insisting, through force, on doing what you want to do – even if 6 out of 10 Americans oppose it.

You know, I thought that America was a democratic country, and a country that encouraged democracy.  May I ask why the leader of a so-called democratic country is acting in a way that is explicitly against democracy?

And then you have the chutzpa to get angry at Bibi for “interfering in American issues,” when first of all, it is not an “American affair,” but a Middle East affair first, and a global affair only second.  It is not an American affair at all; America is included with the rest of the globe.  And second, you had the audacity to interfere in our elections.

And you say we are interfering in your affairs?

Obama-rama making a speech, you have a lot of chutzpa.  I think maybe you should apologize to us, because your chatzuf actions and speeches are unacceptable, undemocratic, and unjust.

Oh, and that worry that if we don’t go through with the Iran deal, war will ensue?  We’ll have to fight a war with or without the deal . . . don’t you think it’s better to fight a non-nuclear Iran, rather than a nuclear one?


4 thoughts on “Obama, You’re Really Chatzuf

  1. You keep going on this issue. I understand your concern but I think you are looking for a type of logic or explanation that you are not going to get. He believes it’s a good deal and the only chance to avoid war. I disagree and believe it could actually make it worse. He’s also a bully and does whatever he wants – damn the law if he can get around it – to accomplish his goals.


    • I don’t know that I’m so much looking for an explanation as I am looking to: 1) raise the amount of anti-Arab, pro-Israel writing on the internet, and as a result, in Google searches – it’s my little part in the propaganda war that Israel is unfortunately not winning, as of right now; 2) vent my frustration at the idiocy of the American “leader”.

      He does believe that it’s a good deal and that it will avoid war; thing is, war will happen regardless, and it’s a very BAD deal. I do agree with you that this deal will only make the coming war much worse. And living in Israel, that’s really scary for me.

      A bully he definitely is! It’s time someone impeached him. He also knows that whatever he does, it doesn’t matter to him, because he’s not up for re-election, and if any Republicans impeached him, they would lose the coming elections. The problems of a 2-party system . . .

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