Things Children Should Never [Have to] Say

Yoav, 5.5 years old – his family has evacuated to a cabin in the north to get away from the rockets. The owner of the cabin showed the family to the cabin, and told where pool was, and where the dining room is and when the tour was over, little Yoav said, “but you didn’t tell us where the bomb shelter is.”

Shay, 5.5 years old asked her mother – “Ima, are they shooting in all the countries now?”

Niv, 3.5 years old – “the best weapon is bananas – that way everyone will slip and we’ll win.”

Keshet, 5 years old – went with her family up north to get away from the rockets and her tooth fell out. She asked her mother, “Ima, how can the tooth fairy get in to here, but the rockets can’t?”

Uri, 5 years old – his father has been called into the Reserves and someone called his mother to ask if he needs anything. Uri heard this and responded, “Of course! He needs a kiss and a hug from us.”

Noya, 6 years old – her father came back for a short visit with the family  (for his birthday) after 3 weeks serving in the south. He came in needing a haircut, long beard and a few more gray hairs. Noya said, “Abba, did you have a birthday while you were in the Reserves, it looks like you grew by a year.”

Lotan (4.5 years old) was talking with his friend(5 years old)- both attend nursery school in Rishon L’Zion
     Lotan: we had a siren today in nursery school.
     Friend: we didn’t have one.
     Lotan: so it seems you had a ceasefire.

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And, unfortunately, I have a few of my own.

We bought a step stool about two and a half weeks ago.  Shlomo was thrilled.  It’s thrilling.  And there have been a number of times that he brought it to the light switch, stood up, pretended to turn off a switch on the wall, and said, “I turned off the woo-woos.  No more woo-woos.  Turn the woo-woo on?”  The last time this happened was a few days ago.  We haven’t had a woo-woo in about three weeks.

He comes up to us randomly and tells us what we will do if there’s a woo-woo.  We will go to the miklat (bomb shelter)/ we will go to the safe room (same thing).

We took his plane to time-out on top of the fridge because it was being thrown too high, too many times in a row.  He told us that if there’s a woo-woo we need to take the plane with us before we go downstairs.  The plane will fly down to the miklat.

He picked up his plane and told me it was flying; when I asked where it’s going, he told me that the plane is going to the miklat.

A couple of weeks ago, we left the Home Front Command’s radio station on over Shabbat.  It’s called Gal Shaket – the silent wave – because it is silent, except for siren warnings and other commands from the Home Front.  On Friday night, Be’er Sheva got two sirens in a row.  Because I was in another room, I didn’t hear the first one; I just heard Yitzchak telling Shlomo that it was okay, and when I came out, I hear the tail end and jumped a bit.  Shlomo, on the other hand, freaked out.  There was a woo-woo, in his house, and he had no idea why we didn’t just grab him and run.  He also had this look on his face that said, “Oh My G-d; I thought we were finished with these.”  Poor kid.  Thank G-d, the rest of Shabbat was quiet – at least for everyone in our area.  (We are on the same station as Be’er Sheva.  Other areas of Israel have other radio stations that are used as Gal Shaket, when Gal Shaket is running.)

There are more.  Suffice it to say, going to the safe room is still on his mind.

4 thoughts on “Things Children Should Never [Have to] Say

  1. Praying for the peace of our sister country “Israel.” During family evening prayer time we pray for your country. We have the red alert app on our cell phone so everytime a rocket is fired, we pray! Grace and peace through Jesus Christ! Shalom!
    Rebecca Shook, Hedgesville, WV


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