Where Did Flight 370 Go?

I know that 11 countries have already been contacted.  I also don’t really have a lot of time at the moment, because, well, it IS morning and we’re running late.

But in short – 11 countries have already been contacted.  However, we do not know that they have not doctored their data before handing it over, and we do not know that they handed everything over.  In other words, we can think what we want, and we can ask who we want, but not necessarily will we get straight, honest answers.

If our theory in the previous post is right (and I certainly pray that we are wrong, but it sounds too straight-up logical to be our invention) then the terrorists (official pilots possibly included) need a place to land – both to refuel (and possibly refurbish/repaint) and to load the weapon.  Also, there has to be a way to get the weapon to the plane, if the plane isn’t brought to the weapon. The evidence indicates that plane diverted significantly off course intentionally, and there are few, if any, reasons for such an action without a prior flight plan. That would further indicate that the terrorists landed the plane, which encourages us to consider possible sympathetic landing fields and countries for an interim destination.

Yitzchak looked at the map, examined the arcs, and announced last night that the plane had quite possibly landed in Sudan or Iran.  Sudan is lawless enough – and its government is pro-extremist enough – that they will happily help such a plot.  A civilian-labeled flight from Iran to Sudan can easily give them the ability to import the materials they need (not a hijacking; just a civilian plane).  Hiding the plane in a regular hangar, or other facility is not difficult if one is working with governmental aid.  And the arc presented is really only one part of a larger circle of distance from the satellite.  In other words, there is a large circle to be explored, and we are exploring only part of it – the part that is thought to be the most likely part.  However, there is no reason to believe that the plane stayed in that arc – because it’s no the shortest distance to anywhere – and Sudan is part of the other side of the circle, the side that isn’t being considered or explored.  Why isn’t it being explored?  Put simply, because no one wants to think about the consequences of that option.

Again, we’re not on the case, we’re not experts, and this is just a theory.  But, it’s a theory that no one seems to be suggesting, but that has dire consequences if it turns out to be true.  So, we are writing it on the internet, putting the suggestion out there, because chances are that the plane has already landed and theories will stay theories – what hasn’t happened already won’t happen right now.  It might, G-d forbid, happen to another flight, but flight 370 is where it is, and we have only to find it before it’s too late.  And therefore, we are writing this, in hope that some involved government trolling the subject will see these posts and take the suggestion seriously.

Here’s another, very, very, scary option, that Yitzchak brought up.  One that I don’t want to write because I don’t want to give anyone ideas, but because it’s so dangerous, I think governments should know.  This plane has an identity – flight 370.  If it flies again, it will be spotted.  However, you can’t fly into someone’s airspace without an identity.  So, hijack another plane, get them to the same spot but at different altitudes.  Down the second plane goes and up the first plane goes, assuming the second’s identity and explaining the few minutes’ absences as a radar blip.  The first plane – that was originally flight 370 – continues to wherever the second plane was going (or to wherever they want, maybe), and is allowed into the airspace as a civilian plane that was expected, except that instead of landing passengers they drop a bomb, hopefully (but not likely) not a nuclear one.  Or, in other words, all civilian planes are suspect.

And a few notes:

– The fact that the Iranians had clean records is obvious.  Al Qaeda has learned their lesson and takes pains to ensure that their hijackers and jihadists used for important projects have clean records.

– Al Qaeda isn’t the smartest terror organization.  They can only really cause harm if the world is stupider than they are, which, obviously, has already happened a few times.  However, on the whole, anyone with some intelligence who is willing to look at the facts can easily uncover their schemes and defeat them – so don’t be scared, just don’t be stupid.

– Here’s another interesting theory that I came across while looking for a satellite circle map.  And here’s another blogger who seems to be thinking along the same lines as we are.


5 thoughts on “Where Did Flight 370 Go?

  1. No offense, but I find it hard to believe that people who trained in intelligence would not think of this too. Also, just because you haven’t heard that they have this theory or are investigating does not mean it’s not happening. As you well know, not everything gets told. Let’s just hope that those who need to know the scenario really do and are acting wisely. As you say, it can be pretty scary.


    • No offense taken; I also assumed at first that intelligence had thought of it. (And, apparently, Israeli intelligence has – I linked to it in the post.) Then someone pointed out that it could very well be that they haven’t, and I got freaked out.

      And, obviously, it won’t be mentioned. But on the off chance – the chance that happened on 9/11 – that this idea hasn’t been taken seriously (and saying that the two Iranians have clean records and therefore dismissing their possible connection to the flight is not taking the threat seriously) I thought it was important to post.


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