One Year Later

I was going through my drafts and found this post.  Even though it’s just a list, I’m publishing it because it sounds a lot like what we had this year. This was written on February 19, 2013.  The italics are what is true for this year.

1) Our camera is currently waiting to have its something fixed (the screen shows black but allows you to see previously taken pictures properly).

We just got our camera fixed two and a half weeks ago (or something like that).  It broke just before the last night of Chanuka, which was a bummer, because that’s when the pictures are nicest and I was planning to take a video.  We ended up getting the video on a cell phone.

2) Because of this, we have practically no pictures from this month, and it is already the 19th.  I wouldn’t consider this to be a problem except that none of our siblings or parents live in Israel, which means that photos are what we do to help keep them connected.

As stated.  From about the end of November our pictures are a mishmash of different cell phone photos.  I finally sorted through them. 

3) My cell phone has broken twice in the past two and a half weeks.  Now, thank G-d it is working.

A week ago we got new phones, phone numbers, and plans.  My phone has been broken for at least two months; it just wasn’t worth fixing it.  We are dealing with the bureaucracy of leaving our old plans – no one wants to let us go and so we are doing it the aggressive way – take away their means of getting money and then make them send us a paper bill.  Thank G-d, we finally completed the necessary steps at the bank to make it work.  Now we just have to talk to the company and fax them a letter.

4) We sat down together last night to plan for Purim (next Monday).

We haven’t planned Purim yet, but Purim IS in a week and a half, so we should probably start seriously discussing it.

5) Immediately after we finished talking about Purim, we made a schedule for Pesach (Passover) cleaning.  Luckily for me, it doesn’t start until the day after Purim, which means that I have this whole week stress-free.

We haven’t touched this, either, but we probably will at some point soon – this post has reminded me of annoying tasks.  Let’s hope the annoyance involved will be the worst thing we suffer, this year and for the next hundred.




P.S. – I have just gone through a lot of old drafts and scheduled them to appear in the next month and a half.  In total, I have scheduled eight posts so far.  I will probably continue this project at some later date, but for now I am draft-reviewed-out.  However, this is good news for my readers – you will have about a post a week, sometimes more, scatterbrained writer notwithstanding.


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