Afula Attack

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He’s a cute kid 19-year-old kid, right?  Well, today he was murdered by a 16-year-old Arab who was trying to avenge a criminal/murderer relative that was caught and put in jail.  Don’t you know that Israel isn’t allowed to arrest murderers and their accomplices?  So this 16-year-old Arab maniacal fanatic got on a bus and killed an innocent Jewish Israeli kid.  Yep, just like that.

There’s no reason.  There’s no logic.

There is only hate.

Hate that won’t disappear if we make two states.  Hate that won’t disappear no matter how much we talk.  Because it isn’t rational.

It has nothing to do with what we do.

It has to do with who we are.

Through the centuries, Muslims have believed that they replaced both Jews and Christians as G-d’s chosen people.  Jews, Christians, and anyone else who is not Muslim are infidels that must be converted or killed.

One of their proofs of their claim of replacement was that Jews were no longer in control of Israel.  That, for centuries, Muslims were.

Therefore, if Jews are in Israel, their replacement theory doesn’t work.

Therefore, if Jews are in charge of Israel, Islam is founded on a lie.

Therefore, they hate us and want to, “throw us into the sea.”  (Their words.  Not mine.)

It has nothing to do with how we act.

It has to do with who we are.

That G-d is with us.

That we won miracle wars.

That in fifty years we built this land and made the desert bloom.

That we made this land fruitful in five short decades, when the Muslims who were here for centuries lived on a wasteland.

For all this and more, they hate us.

But the world doesn’t see the real problem.

Nor do they see the only solution, which is to disarm the Arabs and cow them into submission.  Kind of like what the U.S. did with Japan after World War 2.

Except that the U.S. can do whatever it wants.

But Israel?  Nah.  Jewish blood is cheap.

As it has always been.

And no matter how civilized the world becomes and how much equality we claim to have, this is still the way the world sees Jews.

Or at least, most of the world’s leaders see Jews, even if the laypeople who read this blog disagree and sympathize with us.

Therefore, perhaps a better title for this post would be, “Cold-blooded Murder Spurred by Baseless Hatred.”

But I took this title because Paula says it better than I ever could.

There is a demonstration in Afula, to protest this attack and others like it.

To show that it is not okay.  To insist that Jewish blood is not cheap and should not be treated as such.

My G-d comfort the bereaved family and avenge Eden’s blood.

May we never know of such things.

May they never happen again.





Please do Paula and I a favor.  Read this post and help us out.  It will take three minutes and cost no money.  You will sign nothing.  Promise.

Just help us fight, little by little, anti-Semitism on the web.

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