Until now, when Shlomo’s nose was stuffed, we had to get the snot out for him.  As any parent knows, there are two options for this:

1) Use a snot-sucker.

2) Use your finger.

When the child gets a bit older, a third option becomes available:

3) Put a tissue to his nose and tell him to blow.

You can probably guess that option #1 has been out of use for a while; we usually give Shlomo the option of #2 or #3 (though, if it’s dry snot, we usually use option #2).

Yesterday I noticed that Shlomo had discovered option #2a: Pick your own nose.  He had his finger in his nose (instead of in one of our noses, for a change) and then I saw snot hanging out.  Of course, being a good mother, I pulled the snot off his face.

Then he said, “Yeah?” and held out his hand.  I bent down and kissed the hand.  No, that’s not what he wanted.

“Yeah?” he said again.  He turned his hand slightly and pointed a finger, and then I saw what he was referring to – he had snot on his finger, and he wanted it off.

This scene repeated itself quite a few times today.  Shlomo picks his nose, so there’s snot on his hand.  He doesn’t like having his hands dirty, so he comes to me and asks me to take it off.

Of course, it’s not just snot – it’s anything.  Especially gooey foods like egg salad and chumus (hummus).  Today when we were eating deviled eggs, Shlomo finished his and held out his hand, saying, “Wash.”  I prefer to wash his hands once at the end of the meal, but he was insistent.  So, Yitzchak took the end of Shlomo’s bib and wiped his hands with it.  New skill: Wipe your own hands with a towel.  It’s a skill Shlomo has refused to learn until now (yes, I said refused, it’s not that he couldn’t manage, just that there’s no reason to dry wet hands), but suddenly I saw him wiping his hands very fiercely on the edge of the bib.  I guess Yitzchak didn’t do a satisfactory job.

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