Alert: The Benefit Of Wasting Time

There is, apparently, true benefit to the fact that I start each morning off on the computer.  Until now, I have felt guilty about wasting time.  No longer.

I opened Janglo and saw some news that saved me a lot of stress and heartache: We are having a drill today at 12:30pm, and another one at 7:05pm – the first evening drill that I remember.

I hate these.  They are necessary, and I am glad that we are having one – but I really, truly hate them.  Because for one split second, I get scared.  I have to turn off the fight-or-flight reaction mechanism in my brain.  And if I don’t turn it off immediately, I stay in fight-or-flight mode for the rest of the day.  But remembering to turn it off within one split second is really tough.

Last time there was a drill, Yitzchak called me right aftewards to make sure I knew everything was okay.  I had actually forgotten about the drill, and got worked up for nothing.  (Maybe you remember that . . .)  Between then and now, we have had a few remembrance sirens.  However, I knew they were coming and mentally prepared myself.  So, even though I didn’t remember that it was a remembrance siren at first, I forced my fight-or-flight reactor to wait a minute before going off.  I am going to try the same thing today.  Luckily for me, I will only have to deal with one of them on my own, because Yitzchak comes home around 17:30 (oops, I mean, 5:30pm).  The evening siren, unusual in that it is in the evening, I will be able to deal with better when Yitzchak is beside me.

Unluckily for me, the afternoon siren will catch me with a toddler and two babies.  There is no way I can do “pretend” and take them down to the bomb shelter (or safe room, whatever you want to call it) without a lot of effort.  Obviously, if it were real, I would do it.  But if it’s not real – let sleeping babies (and toddlers) sleep.  I think if it were real, I would do the following: We have a minute and a half.  Put my shoes on, put Shlomo’s shoes on, grab my key and  my phone.  Then, either:

1) One baby in a sling, Shlomo in one arm and the second baby in the other;

2) a baby in each arm and Shlomo walks with me (he will run ahead of me if he thinks we are going somewhere exciting);

3) find someone going my way and pawn a baby off on them;

4) grab all three of them and carry them down with my arms wrapped around all of them (this is my least favorite).

You are probably asking why there are two drills today.  The most probable answer is: To test people when they are at work or school, and then again when they are all at home.  It is a good idea; most drills happen during work or school hours, and thus there are many families who are unprepared.

And here’s something funny: As I was typing this post, I got a call from mother #2, to tell me that she’s not coming today.  So in the end, I will have one kid for each arm during the siren.  Should I go down or not?  I guess that depends on who is sleeping at the time.

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