The Reason We Clean Up

. . . is so that the room can get messy again.

I only pick up the toys so that Shlomo can dump them again.

Because, see, there’s no real reason to clean.  Obviously, if I’m picking up toys, I’m playing a game with him.  A game called, “Pick It Up and Take It Down.”  And it really is a fun game.  (Actually, yes, it is – depending on the mood of the parent cleaning and the time of day.)

Seriously, though, Shlomo thinks that if he gets praised to clean up – then if he dumps the toys and starts cleaning up again, he’ll get more praise.  Isn’t that true?

So, why not dump the toys?





*To those interested: I am not becoming cynical.  (I am, however, getting writers’ block.)  Yitzchak told me to post about this topic, and I had to think of a decent way to do it.

4 thoughts on “The Reason We Clean Up

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