The Table Is Not For Climbing On

And the computer is NOT a toy!

Nor is my new mouse.

Thank you.


Oh – and just by the way –

mercury thermometers

are not for playing with.

You might break it,

and then the mercury

will spill all over the floor.

Good thing I can manage

two days without it, huh?


Oh – and books –

even spiral-bound books –

are for reading,

not for taking the spirals out of.


You are one tough two-year-old.

Hopefully, soon, you will get over

your contradictory phase

and start playing with real toys,

instead of everything I tell you

NOT to play with.


In the meantime,

we love you.

Always have,

and always will.


So stay with us

for a very long time.*

Well, at least until

you grow up,

get married,

and have your own kids

who will drive you (and your wife) nuts.






*Do any of you know the book “Koala Lou, I DO love you”?


8 thoughts on “The Table Is Not For Climbing On

  1. Did you ever try saying “Tables are for eating.” instead of “Tables are not for climbing on.”? Just a thought 🙂


    • Indeed I have. I usually put them together, “Tables are for eating on, not for climbing on.”
      But imagine how long the title would be, if I had written the whole sentence. 🙂


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