America: Learn From Israel

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A few months ago, Yitzchak and I were talking.

About Iran.  About Syria.  About terror.  About car accidents.

Maybe we should move back to America, we thought.  No, we decided, only if we see World War Three about to break out. 

But in that case, is America a good option? 

Well, Kentucky isn’t the center of anything except maybe medical facilities, so it’s not too bad a choice, says Yitzchak

You’re right, I said, but why not bomb medical facilities?  Sounds like a good strategy to me.

So we left it at that.  If World War Three is about to break out in our “neighborhood,” we leave.  If we can, we take our furniture.  If we can’t, we just pick up and go.

Then –



Hazard Technical College.





Is America really a safer place than Israel?

In Israel, schools have armed security guards.  In Israel, guns are a bit better controlled.  Rocks, no.  Guns, yes.

We know to look for suspicious objects.  We know to alert others.  What happened in Boston would never have happened here, because it would have been caught in the very early stages, and the person would probably have been apprehended while laying the rest of the explosives.

And we have good anti-terror strategies.  True, we’re not always allowed to use them, because maybe the world will get mad at us for defending ourselves (gasp!).  But we have them.  And I think the policies regarding their use are about to change.

Late last week, someone in Brooklyn saw a backpack left unattended, and called the police.  It turned out to be a third-grader’s forgotten schoolbag, but it was good that they called.

America is learning.

Or maybe the person who saw it was Israeli.  That seems to be more logical.

America is not learning.  America just doesn’t get it.

America needs to understand: Terror is not about what you did.  It’s about who you are, and what you believe.  You don’t believe in Islam.  Therefore, you deserve to die – unless you convert.

You are a heretic.  America is the head of the snake.  Israel is a little problem; America is the bigger problem.

“We will bring this fight to American soil,” bin Laden said.  He may be dead, but his followers and other believers of those values, still live.

America needs to understand that.

And when they do, they will ask us to teach them how to prevent terror attacks.

And when they ask us, we will teach them.

But if they are allowed to kill terrorists, we should be allowed, too.  No questions asked.  No explanations necessary.

Obama, I hope you read this.  I hope you learn the lessons – that have already cost upward of 150 American lives, on American soil – and learn how to prevent future situations like these.

I hope you learn that terrorists are not logical.  They are not too intelligent.  And their hate is not something that can be taken away.  What we do is an excuse for their behavior, no more.

They act the way they do because of who we are.

Maybe there should be a U.S. Apartheid week?  After all, the U.S. stole land from the Indians and never gave it back.

Obama, please: If you read this, stop and think.  And don’t criticize Israel for defending its citizens.  Tell the world that terror has to stop, and terrorists are murderers.  Because, honestly, that’s what they are.

And if you don’t understand this by now – well, I hope you won’t have to have too many repeat lessons.  Because each lesson costs American lives.  And even though you’re not running for president again – it is your responsibility to make sure that Americans are safe.

No matter where they are.

And yes, there are lots of Americans in Israel.

Until America adopts Israel’s security measures, perhaps those Americans in Israel (including us) are safer here in Israel than in America.

2 thoughts on “America: Learn From Israel

  1. Israel is the safest country on earth. I have flown there during wars to show my solidarity and express my belief in Israels safety. As the passuk says, “It is the land which g-ds eyes are on from the beginning of the year until the end of the year”


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