Ha! I Outsmarted You!

wooden door, doorOur bedroom door is about a centimeter too big for its frame.  It is also the only door that actually closes without any fiddling (which is fine, since we usually keep the living room door open, anyways; the bathroom door broke a month or so ago – different story – and we haven’t fixed it, but even prior to that, it wasn’t the easiest door).

Anyways . . . Shlomo likes to open and close the bedroom door.  If you pull it shut hard, it sticks in a way that he can’t open.  So, of course, some of the times that he pulls it closed, he pulls it too hard and then it gets stuck.

On a regular day, I don’t feel like either standing up every two minutes, or standing beside the door for half an hour to help him out.  Today, I am achy and sore and tired, and I certainly don’t have the energy for that.  Brilliant idea to the rescue!  (Why didn’t I think of this before?)






Put tape on over the part that keeps it shut!  So I took our roll of clear, wide, packing tape, and cut a long piece off it (which, of course, got tangled a bit, but not too badly).  I split the long piece into two good pieces and a few garbage pieces, and put the two good pieces in two layers over the little part that sticks out when the door is closed.  Presto!  He can slam it shut and still open it by himself!

I outsmarted my toddler!

On second thought, is that really something to be proud of?


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