Gender Roles

boy with doll, boy playing with doll, dolls, boys, playing, pretend doctor, pretend father

In our androgynous society, where women do men’s work and men do women’s’ work, one would expect that a girl playing with trucks and a boy playing with dolls would be accepted and normal.

It floors me that when I take Shlomo out, he is a boy, dressed like a boy, who looks like a boy.  Everyone assumes, correctly, that he is a male child.

But the moment he is holding his doll, he becomes a girl.  Robot sweatshirt, gray pants, and gray sneakers notwithstanding.  And everyone comments on what a lovely little girl I have.

Sometimes I want to say, “Does your husband never do the dishes or help with the kids?  And if he does, why is it so out of the ordinary for a little boy to practice being a father, just like little girls practice being mothers?”

Maybe our society is more traditional than we think, and less open-minded than we give ourselves credit for.

4 thoughts on “Gender Roles

  1. Oh you hit a trigger for me. I never like cutting my boys’ hair until they are over 2. (they have this gorgeous blonde baby hair!) if my sons wore blue, they were boys, but if they wore yellow, they were often girls. YELLOW.
    I wonder what other gender stories will come from your post. Hmmmm…


    • Yellow??? Really? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, long hair or no. Actually, mine also has long hair, but it never seemed to be a problem for people to identify him as a boy. (Or maybe I’m fooling myself – there were a lot of people who asked me when he was younger if he was a girl or a boy.)

      Interesting if anyone else on here has a story like this to tell . . .


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