Whose Money Is It?

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Yesterday morning, when I put Shlomo in his booster to eat breakfast, he saw some money on the table.  He pointed to the coins, then picked one of them up and handed it to me.  “Ab-ba!  Abba!”

Meaning, this coin is Abba’s (Daddy’s) and either Abba forgot it, or it fell out of his pocket or wallet.  In fact, it was bus fare that Yitzchak had left for me in case I had to go somewhere, so that I wouldn’t have to use the [big] bill in my wallet (and so that I would still have bus fare if the bus driver didn’t want to give me change for such a big bill).

Little chauvinist!  What, only Abba has money??  Don’t you know that I help earn the money, and that we make all financial decisions together?  Why do you think all money is Abba’s?

I know why: Because Abba goes to the store for last-minute items.  And even though I also do grocery shopping, and run errands, Abba does it more frequently.  Abba is the one whose pockets always have a couple agurot (pennies) in them (my money stays in my wallet).  So, money is for Abba.

Sigh.  Oh, well.  He’ll understand when he gets older . . . right?

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