HPV Vaccine: Is It Worth It?

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This is a little off-topic for me, but I am posting it because I think it is important to be aware of:

I was browsing through A Mother in Israel‘s blog, and I read her article on HPV vaccines.  She raises some good points there, but that’s not my point.  In one of the comments is a reference to a website called, “The Truth About Gardasil.”  This website links to some other news articles, and its main point is: Gardasil is a vaccine that contains a live virus, and it has hurt many people.

I am not, and I repeat this, I am NOT an anti-vaccine person.  I think that the vaccines standard today (except for chickenpox, which I am wary of) are important, and should be given to everyone, unless they have a very valid health reason not to.  I do not believe the arguments (which have long since been disproven, by the way) that vaccines cause autism or other health issues.

With that, this is a new vaccine, given for something that a couple in a lifetime monogamous relationship (or even two monogamous relationships, one after the other) does not necessarily need.  For that reason alone, I was skeptic.  And it turns out that perhaps my skepticisim was well-founded.  I am not saying was is or wasn’t.

What I am saying is this: Before you get swept up in the hype about HPV vaccines, or let their ads convince you of anything, do your research.  Decide whatever you like, and I won’t fault you for it.  But please, do your research.  Take a look at the website, click their links, read what they have to say, and read the information advocating the vaccine.  Take note of who wrote each article, what their credentials are, and what their mission is.  Do your research, and then decide.

For the sake of everyone who reads this, that is my message.  I have more than a few years to decide whether or not to vaccinate Shlomo.  By the time Shlomo gets to that age, we will probably know a lot more about the vaccine than we do now.  But for those of you who are already there, please, please, please – do your research, and make an informed decision.


2 thoughts on “HPV Vaccine: Is It Worth It?

  1. Your post is so fitting as we prepare to finish off vaccinating out third son. I am not anti-vaccinations, BUT I also have a funny feeling in my stomach about the Chicken Pox (how scientific is that!). When it comes to HPV, I thank my G-d I have boys!


    • I think funny feelings in stomachs are very scientific. 🙂 You have it about the chickenpox, or the chickenpox vaccine? I didn’t want to give the vaccine, but the nurse gave it to him as part of the MMR vaccine without informing me. Grrr . . .

      Actually, the HPV vaccine is also touted as good for boys, even though it’s not proven to be useful for heterosexual men. So, maybe you’re not off the hook. 😉


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