Toddler Slings

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Everybody has heard of putting your baby in a sling so that you have your hands free, but what about toddler slings?

We have two strollers: The stroller that we usually use is part of a travel system.  In other words, it’s heavy.  We have another stroller that we got for free shortly after Shlomo was born.  We used it almost exclusively for the first few months, and it served as Shlomo’s bed until he was three months old, when we got his crib.  It’s a great stroller – but it’s also heavy.  And I don’t want to buy an umbrella stroller for an almost two year old, especially since I already have two.  This is something that I have been not-buying for a few months already.  With each month that passes, I feel like it’s a bigger waste of money to buy it.

The problem is this:  Yes, Shlomo likes to walk places.  But often, after about ten minutes (if I’m lucky), he wants me to pick him up.  Picking him up and carrying him is bad for my back.  You wouldn’t carry a 12 kilo bag of flour on one hip or the other, would you?  Carrying it straight in front of you, for extended periods of time, is also tough.  But I really, really, really want to ditch the stroller, for long outings as well as short ones.  (We do skip the stroller sometimes for short outings, but since Shlomo always asks for it as soon as we’re out the door, I usually end up giving in. )  In addition, I often see Ethiopian women walking around with toddlers on their backs.  If they can do it, why can’t I?

So I looked it up on the internet.  And I found a few websites that give instructions.  Instructions on how to make a sling, and instructions on how to wrap it around a toddler, on your back.  It looks kind of complicated, but it sounds really cool, too.  I would rather not waste money on a fabric sling (those seem to be the only ones that can be used for toddlers) if I can just buy the fabric and make it myself.  Especially since making a sling is basically buying fabric that won’t unravel, washing it, and drying it.  Sounds tough, right?

Actually, it sounds great.  Carrying Shlomo like a backpack sounds great.  I’m not sure how it’ll actually feel, but it has to be better than carrying him on my hip.  The problem?  If I use a sling for outings, and skip the stroller, how will I carry my bag?  Are pockets enough?  For diapers, wipes, a wallet, etc.?  Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Toddler Slings

  1. I’m sure it will feel much better. My two-year-old is in a “pick me up” phase currently, and I should probably employ this method, too! As for carrying the stuff you need, if you travel very lightly, placing a small amount of wipes in a plastic zip bag, for instance (or some equivalent), and two diapers, and only the items you need from your wallet, you could probably get away with either a small-medium pocket sewn onto the wrap, or a small bag you could carry (like a plastic grocery bag, even). My long fabric wrap had a pocket in the center where I would hold keys, my phone, a paci with ease. I could have placed a small amount of wipes and a diaper.

    Good luck! Let us know how it works out!


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