The Tzipi Livni Party

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Background: As some of you may know, Tzipi Livni made her own party after the primaries, when she was not re-chosen as the party head of Kadima.  Her party is called [in English], as the title might imply, “The Tzipi Livni Party.”

Because elections are a week away, we are going kind of nuts.  We are obsessing about who we’d like to see in the next coalition, who we’d like to see not in the coalition, and who the best parties are for security, economy, and everything else that we believe in. For instance: Sales tax was raised 1% this past year, income tax was raised, and property tax was raised.  Prices of government-controlled food items were raised (certain food items are price-controlled by the government).  The housing shortage is continuing.  The government decided to draft all the chareidim, and then backed down, to get chareidi votes (lame, dumb, selfish, and weak).  These are all things that we’d like to see fixed.  And I’m not even going to touch the security/”settlement” issues.

Story: So, yesterday, Yitzchak says, “I think I should make a new party and call it ‘The Yitzchak Duckies Party’.  What do you think?  You think people will vote for me?”

What can I say?  I cracked up.  And am still laughing, because the very idea [of Yitzchak making the ‘Yitzchak Duckies Party’] is funny.  And it is funny that Tzipi Livni named her party after herself.  Come one, how lame is that?

(In Hebrew, the party is called, “Hatenua b’raishut Tzipi Livni,”, or, literally, “The movement headed by Tzipi Livni.”  In other words: “Let’s make Tzipi Livni PM”/ “I, Tzipi Livni, deserve to be PM.  I was almost PM last time, but nobody liked me enough to work with me, so let’s pout.”  I think it is hilarious.  Also: Kadima, the party that she headed last time, means “Forward!” as in, “Let’s move forward.”  Now it’s just a “movement,” not “forward.”  Too bad, huh?)

And in general, I think the word “party” is funny.  What do the members do, drink beer all day?  Is it really a party?  Because if so, I’d like to join.  Not.  I happen to dislike parties, immensely.

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