Pacifier Update

This is an update on today’s earlier post

It is 11:08pm.  We Yitzchak found Shlomo’s pacifier about twenty minutes ago, buried in the bathroom garbage under a pile of dirty diapers.  The clip we salvaged, and put it away for the next one.  The pacifier got moved to the kitchen garbage, for some reason that Yitzchak did not explain to me.  Now we know what happened to it, and Shlomo saved us the trouble of throwing it away.  The downside?  He will have to learn, the very hard way, that things which are put in the garbage do not come back, ever. 

Maybe we will tell him where we found it, after the garbage has already been taken out.  We will not show the pacifier to Shlomo, or dig it out.  Things that go in the garbage do not come out, and for everyone’s sake, he needs to know that.  However, I am counting on Shlomo to remember that he left the pacifier in the garbage.  I think, and hope, that the memory alone will do the job.  Perhaps this is why, when I asked Shlomo where his pacifier was, he did not get it.  Dirty diaper garbage is gross, and he knows that.  I certainly would not want to dig something out of it, which is why Yitzchak was the one to find the pacifier.  So, it makes sense that Shlomo did not retrieve his pacifier, all throughout the day.  (In fact, thinking about it, he just ignored my question, and when he was not ignoring it, he kept staring at the bathroom.)  But, Shlomo needs to know that I cannot read his mind, and if he doesn’t tell me, or show me, where he put it, I cannot help him.  Oops.

I am glad (or rather, hoping, because my favorite scarf is missing) that Shlomo is learning this lesson on something that I wanted to throw away, anyways.  I am glad that he is learning this lesson on something that is his, easily replaceable (if we chose to), and has no sentimental value.  May it be a one-time lesson that he never has to learn again.  May it be the hardest lesson Shlomo ever has to learn.  Amen.

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