Ditching the Pacifier – For Good

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Earlier, I told the story of what had happened when the pacifier got forgotten.  Then I mentioned (I think) that the pacifier was only being used for naps and bedtime.  Well, that has changed.  Today.  This morning.  Just now.

Shlomo was playing (right after he woke up), and when I got up and looked at him, pacifier was gone.  I spent a lot of the time between then and now looking for Mr. Pacifier.  No luck.  I asked Shlomo where it was, because Shlomo usually knows where he put stuff, and where it landed, was thrown, or dropped.  No luck there, either.

Then I looked at the time.  It was 11:15.  We read a book, we checked his diaper, we looked for his pacifier again.  Then I held him, sang to him, and put him in his crib (at about 11:30).  As of right now, at 12:13, he is still awake.  He cried some, he screamed some, he tried to play with me some.  I held him some, I explained the situation to him, I walked out, he cried for a few minutes, and I walked back in.

To be fair, this is not the fault of only the pacifier.  It is also my fault – because I put him for a nap when he still had energy to play.  I knew what was coming, what would have happened if we had had the pacifier, and what probably would happen (and did) now that it is lost.  But I put him in his crib anyways, because napping from 12:30 until 3:30 just doesn’t work.  That’s what happened yesterday.  And even though Shlomo went to bed at bedtime (6:30/7:00), he was awake and talking to himself until about 10:00pm.  Which is not okay, and not good.  Which means he had a shorter night, and needs a longer nap, or an earlier nap.  So, that’s what I gave him.  Now, he is exhausted.  But he still doesn’t want to go to sleep.  He wants me to play with him.  So, I am letting him cry for a few minutes, and then I will go back in.  I’m not playing games.  If he wants help relaxing, fine.  If he wants to play, he can be by himself.

And the pacifier?  Well, they come two in a pack.  #1 tore a couple weeks ago.  #2, which he was using, tore a couple days ago, in a different, less problematic, spot, but we were still using it.  And now it’s lost.  I put #1 in the garbage already.  Since he lost #2, I don’t have it.  No matter what, I will not have it, at least not until he wakes up from his nap and we go out.  Maybe not until Yitzchak gets home at 5:30pm.  So, no pacifier.

And, in order to not waste this tantrum today, there are no more pacifiers.  If and when we find it, it will go in the garbage (because it is torn).  In the meantime, we can look forward to a few difficult nights, and a few [hopefully] less difficult naps.  So, wish us luck.  We will need it.

I just hope that Shlomo won’t substitute his fingers or his duck’s wing, because those habits are worse and longer-lasting than a pacifier.  Please, G-d, please.  Let the sucking thing end, he’s almost at the end of the stage, anyways.

Update: Right now it is 12:40pm.  I think Shlomo is just falling asleep.  You think I’ll manage to run some errands when he wakes up?

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