ginger, crystallized ginger, candied gingerMy little baby toddler loves ginger.  Crystallized ginger, with a bit of sugar on it to take away some of the bite.  Isn’t it too sharp for you, Shlomo?  Apparently not . . . he’s been asking for it whenever he sees it, or whenever it occurs to him, since we bought it yesterday.  Maybe I should take it off the table, before there’s none left.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.  It’s not the first weird food he’s liked.  Apparently, though, Shlomo has a love-hate relationship with the big pieces: He likes them, because they taste good, but then you get to the middle and it starts to taste really sharp.  Then he gets upset.  And then he asks for more, knowing that the same thing will happen over again.

Side note: The ginger was bought a couple weeks ago, because I started a new vitamin, and it was making me nauseous.  Ginger helps get rid of nausea, or so they say and so I’ve seen.

2 thoughts on “Ginger?

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