You Have 8 New Contacts

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Yesterday I discovered about eight new contacts in my phone.  Today, I am watching as more contacts are added.  One had a one-letter name; the rest are anonymous.  And today, it looks like at least one of them will have a one-letter name, and the rest will be anonymous.  Does it sound kind of weird?  Do you think something fishy is going on?  That the contacts are not actually real?

You are right.  The contacts are not real.  But there is nothing fishy about the whole business.  There is only a toddler, who figured out, two or three days ago, how to open my slider phone.  A toddler who took that knowledge and continued to experiment.  Who creates new contacts for me, every day.  Maybe he’s lonely, and that’s why he’s creating imaginary contacts?  Or, since those contacts are my imaginary contacts, maybe he thinks I’m lonely.

And maybe he has no comprehension of what he did; he just pushed buttons, got the screen to change, and did it again.  But that’s too simplistic, because my toddler can already read (just kidding).  He should be in second grade.  Oh, wait, I’m not supposed to say that out loud, even though every parent thinks it and acts it.  Oops.


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