Read this to me?

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We have lots of baby books.  We have some big-kid books (i.e., not made of cardboard).  And we read them all (well, most of them).  But in the last week, Shlomo has been really funny: He takes the book above (different volume, same set) and brings it to us to read.  Huh?

You know what’s in the book?  Lots of words, in Hebrew.  And lots of pictures of cows’ and sheep’s esophagi(?), lungs, hearts, livers, etc.  In other words, gross pictures.  I bought this book for Yitzchak when we were engaged, thinking it would help him with his studies for the rabbinate.  (Part of the material studied involves how to differentiate between kosher and non-kosher animals.  Even if the species is kosher, an animal that has certain blemishes is not allowed to be eaten.)

And now Shlomo likes this book.  There are two other set-less books that he likes, too, but this is his favorite.  I’m guessing it’s because of the pictures, since the other two books that he takes from that shelf don’t have any.  When I read the book, I just skip the pictures and read words, hoping he’ll get bored.  Somehow, he doesn’t get bored.  When Yitzchak reads the book, he skips the words and explains the pictures.  Ew.  Just ew.

Just for clarification’s sake, Shlomo has other books, and we still read them.  However, for some reason, he has become interested in adult books, especially this one.  When I offer to read a book, I take one of the children’s (or babies’) books we have.  When he asked this past week, half the time it was for a children’s book, and half the time for this book with the gross pictures.

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