What Is Israel Fighting For?

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A rocket is launched from Gaza towards Israel.

A few days ago, I got involved in a comment thread over here.  (This was my mistake; it just got me worked up, and to no end anyways.)  There was a comment that “Palestinians” are treated badly in Israel; I provided a list of real-life examples for why this is not so.  Many Israelis actually feel that Muslims are treated better than everyone else, and sometimes feel that way for very good reasons.

Then someone made a comment that irked me.  They said,  “If I were to tell you, ‘Black people in my country can let their children play in any park they want!’ how would this sound?”  This irked me, really, really irked me, and has irked me since.  So, contrary to my no-politics attempts, I will discuss it.

First of all, black people in America are a completely different situation than Muslims here.  All the African-American community wants is to be accepted and have equal rights, equal choices, and equal respect.  Give it to them, and they become productive members of society, just like everyone else.  In other words, they deserve to have that recognition and those rights, and there is no reason not to give it to them.

Muslims, and more specifically, religious, radical Muslims, including, but not limited to, “Palestinians” do not want to be accepted, or have equal rights, equal choices, and equal respect.  Now, you are going to tell me that this is not true; that some of them do.  You are right; these are the irreligious Muslims.  The more religious ones do not care about these things.  Their issue with Israel is that it is a Jewish country.

Religious Muslims will take acceptance, as well as equal choices, rights, and respect, but that is not their aim.*  They take these things because it aids them in their goal.  And their goal is to “throw the Jews into the sea”.  This is not a war of equal rights.  If it were, it would have ended long ago.  It is a war against infidels, a religious war, and we Jews are the greatest infidels of all.  The reason Morsi will not say “Israel” is not because of how we treat his people.  It is because, for a religious Muslim to say “Israel” is tantamount to disbelief in Islam.

Islam functions on a replacement theology, meaning that Muslims and Islam have replaced Jews and Judaism.  One of the traditional proofs for this replacement theology is that Muslims, for a long time, had control over Israel.  When the British came around, the Muslims didn’t like it, but it wasn’t a religious crisis.  However, for Jews to have control over the State of Israel undermines the very precepts of Islam.  Christians were bad enough.  Jews are intolerable.  That is why we are fighting this war; that is why the Muslims (those of whom live in Israel or Gaza are commonly called “Palestinians”) wish to push us into the sea; that is why they are firing rockets at us and claiming that we stole their land.  That is why they hate us.

And we do not like them, either.  Not because of who they are, but because of what they do and how they act.  (By the way, a refugee camp that has stone buildings, running water, electricity, and third-generation residents is no longer a refugee camp, but a proper city – by anyone’s standards.**)

What if I said to you, “Listen, we have a couple of young adults here who want to study in your college.  There’s a 65-70% chance that they’ll blow up the college, knife you, or shoot you, but we need to be fair, so can you admit them?”  Would you?  I don’t think so.  But you know what?  Israel accepts not just a few of these people, but hundreds, and possibly thousands of them.

Israelis live, every day, alongside potential murderers.  Religious Muslims work in the hospitals, where Jewish patients, in addition to their own worries, worry that the Muslim doctor or nurse walked in with explosives. Religious Muslims work in factories, in schools, and everywhere else.  They are permitted to walk any place where Israelis walk; the reverse, however, is not true.  There is no danger to any Muslim, ever, no matter where they go.  But there are places where Israeli Jews cannot go, because it is dangerous for them to go there.

You want to know why Gaza needs humanitarian aid?  Because it is run by a terrorist group, whose leaders pocket all of the world’s money, using it to build themselves beautiful homes, and using it to fund terrorism, create weapons, and kill people.  Gaza’s leaders do not care about their own people.  If you want to send aid to Gaza, send food, send clothes, send volunteers to teach them.  Do not send money.  And I cannot promise that the food and clothes will not be used to light fires meant for burning U.S. and Israeli flags.  I can only hope.

In other words, the situation in Gaza is not Israel’s fault.  It is the Gazan leaders’ fault, or in simple words, Hamas’ fault.

Israel removed thousands of its citizens from their homes in order to give the “Palestinians” a present and a gesture of peace.  We have been repaid by thousands of rockets, and the world has remained silent, preferring to consistently lay the blame on us.

Here are a few other fun facts:

– The electricity in Gaza is provided by the Israel Electric Company. Gaza has not paid their electric bill (which now amounts to 700 million NIS) in a long time, but the electric company still services them – this despite the fact that it is dangerous to do so, and the electricity is used to aid murdering Israelis. And the Israeli government is helping cover the deficit caused by Gaza electric usage.  When was the last time YOU didn’t pay your electric bill, but they kept providing you with electricity, anyways?

-Israel also provides water to Gaza.  It is pretty safe to assume that Israel funds Gaza’s water, in addition to funding their electricity.  In return we get rockets fired at us.  Who in their right mind would provide water and electricity to people attempting to murder them?  Only Israel.

– If a Jewish Israeli builds his home without the proper paperwork – and sometimes even when he does have the proper paperwork – he can count on it being destroyed. If a Palestinian builds without the proper paperwork, he can count on living there until the end of his long life.

– They do not have to put their sons’ lives on the line in order to make sure that their sons are not killed by terrorists and that their workplaces are not blown up.  In other words, Jewish Israelis get drafted, and have to spend three of their best years in the army, pushing off college, marriage, and jobs.  Muslims are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want.  They are never required to join the army.  Jews who do not join the army are placed at a serious disadvantage by Israeli society.  Not so Muslims.

– Palestinians do not usually get murdered in cold blood when they are at home, in their beds, with their children – and with no prior warning, war, or antagonism. Jewish Israelis do.

– Israelis do not usually get on Palestinian buses and blow them up. Nor do they leave bombs at phone booths, walk a few meters away to set it off, and then proceed to watch the carnage with great satisfaction.

Now, just as background information, consider this:  Israel, if it so desired, could completely erase all of the Gaza Strip in four minutes, without using either nuclear weapons or their ground forces.  That’s right; Israel could turn all of the Gaza Strip into a pile of burning rubble in FOUR minutes, using ONLY the air force.  They could; we could; we have the abilities and we have the backup plans to do it.  But, we don’t, nor do we threaten it, or talk about it.  Think about that.  Let it sink in.  Jews are humane.  We do not do this, because we do not want to kill innocent people.  We only want to kill the murderers (also known as terrorists) among them.  (I am not sourcing this for security reasons.)
* If you are a religious Muslim who does not believe in killing Jews, and supports the state of Israel, please let me know, and I will apologize for offending you.  I am also aware that there are some Muslim clerics who are attempting to resolve their replacement theory crisis in a non-violent way.

** See here, just for kicks (and truth).

6 thoughts on “What Is Israel Fighting For?

  1. Hey again Littleduckies,

    I’m not sure how you interpreted my comments, but like I said before, we’re not on opposite sides on this issue. You can check my other posts and see that I am not pro-Islam in any way; rather, I am quite anti-Islam. If you remember, the reason I said the example of “If I were to tell you, ‘Black people in my country can let their children play in any park they want!” was to illustrate how some of the points that you made in our previous discussion sound. You do have valid points; however, when you said, “Muslims (Palestinians) can go to university and study alongside Jews” this was not a good argument, and I was trying to steer you away from such statements. They won’t help your cause, and they will make you seem heavily biased.

    What you have posted here is great, actually. I do think you got a little carried away in your last paragraph, however. You stated,

    “Israel, if it so desired, could completely erase all of the Gaza Strip in four minutes, without using either nuclear weapons or their ground forces. That’s right; Israel could turn all of the Gaza Strip into a pile of burning rubble in FOUR minutes, using ONLY the air force.”

    Perhaps this is true, although I’m not sure what you mean by “erase.” Does that mean kill every single person? If so, that would be impossible. If it means destroy every building, it’s hard to believe, but maybe that’s possible — I’m not an expert.

    The real problem is what you say after:

    “But, we don’t, nor do we threaten it, or talk about it. Think about that. Let it sink in. Jews are humane. We do not do this, because we do not want to kill innocent people.”

    First of all, obviously the statement “Jews are humane” is a generalization that nobody can support. Maybe you are humane, maybe everyone in your family is humane; however, you don’t know every Jew; moreover, you cannot know every Jew’s humaneness.

    Let’s move past that. You also say that Israel does not do this because they don’t want to kill innocent people. If you know about world history, it’s hard to believe that any government does or does not do any actions because they don’t want to kill innocent people. The problem with killing innocent people is that it creates a backlash (via the media) which will jeopardize the government in charge. Vietnam was a great example of this in the American example. So, nowadays, modern democratic governments avoid killing innocents, not because they don’t want to harm them, but because it’s not politically expedient.

    Overall, I like what you’re saying, but what I am criticizing is the fact that you seem to sometimes get too emotionally involved and slide away from rational statements. I understand you’re in a tense situation now, but like I said, you should take the moral high ground. Let Hamas behave emotionally and ridiculously and criticize them appropriately.


    • TGA – First of all, I never accused you of being pro-Islam; I also saw, from your post and from your comments, that we’re not on opposite sides of the issue (you sit on the fence, but lean towards Israel). I just took issue with your comparison, but didn’t really have the energy to put everything I wanted to say into one little comment. (This post took me about three hours to write and research.)

      What I mean by “erase” is: destroy all the buildings, kill the vast majority of people. Yeah, it’s hard for me to imagine, too. But when I think about it, not so much. Israel’s army is bigger than most of us imagine, and has capabilities much vaster than the world actually sees. I actually found this out when I was speaking to a friend of mine who’s a top-ranking officer in the air force.

      When I say, “Jews are humane,” I mean that Jews as a nation are humane; that most Jews act in a very humane fashion. This has been the case over the centuries, as well – here is not the place to go into it. I mean that Jews do not kill or torture for the sake of those acts. In fact, Jews only kill (unless the person in question is psychotic) when there is a threat to our own lives. Jews also do not torture; if you are going to die, then you will die – not be tortured and then die.

      Someone pointed out (don’t remember who) to me that if America had bombed Gaza, then the number of casualties would be three or four times the number it actually is. Now, I’m not sure how true that is, considering that America is America, but the point was made.

      I appreciate the fact that you agree with me and took the time to point out things that didn’t make sense/weren’t clear to you. I also appreciate your idea that we should take the high ground; however, considering that I don’t follow Hamas’ speeches or activity (except that which concerns me) I’m not sure how to do that.


  2. This was so interesting to read. I have a dear friend who lived in Israel for 12 years (she’s Canadian) and she told me stories I’ll always remember! She reckons Israelis live in a constant state of low level anxiety because the sense is they could be killed at any moment. What do you think?


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